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Crispy pickled cucumbers - 7 very tasty recipes for the winter


Pickled cucumbers are the main characters of all festive tables. Especially when it comes to the winter period. In almost every home, during the harvest season, the hostesses bother in the kitchen to prepare more favorite treats.

At the beginning of our culinary journey, I want to clarify one detail. Marinating and salting vegetables is a different concept.

Pickles are called pickles, in which brine no vinegar and other preservatives are present. This is definitely more useful. But I still love marinated snacks. It turns out fragrant and tastier. Such cucumbers can be eaten just like that, with potatoes or used for salads and soups.

At the height of the blanks, it is the handsome cucumbers that are leading in our cellar. I always prepare more for enough for the whole winter. Now, when this topic is most relevant, I will tell you about my favorite recipes.

Crunchy cucumbers for winter according to grandma's recipe

This recipe lives in our family more than I can remember. With such cucumbers I crunched in childhood, at my grandmother. The same recipe was adopted by my mother. Now, according to tradition, I also roll up such jars every year, telling about it to my daughter.

This appetizer has earned our trust for its unique crunch and taste. They, as I like, are sweet and fragrant. You learn the rest when you cook such cucumbers yourself. I propose to do it right now.


  • 5 kg of cucumbers (I weigh after cutting the ends)
  • garlic head,
  • 4 liters of water
  • horseradish (entirely)
  • 15-20 small leaves of currant and cherry bush,
  • 12 teaspoons of salt
  • one and a half cup of granulated sugar,
  • dill caps
  • clove and pea pepper,
  • 1 cup of vinegar 9%.

All these ingredients are designed for 5 kilograms of cucumbers and 4 liters of marinade. If you cook a different number of cucumbers, increase or decrease them in the right proportion.

Stages of cooking:

1. I managed to get quite a bit of horseradish. Better if you take it more. Roots need to plan, and tear the leaves into large pieces. My leaves are small, so I will send them to the bank entirely. In addition to these leaves, you can also use apple. They also give a positive effect.

2. Cucumbers better before pickling soak in ice water for a couple of hours. This is especially true of those fruits that have managed to lie down outside the garden and are slightly depressed. This procedure tempers them before hot pickling and they will be more elastic. The tips must be removed, especially in the presence of bitterness.

Sterilize the banks

3. Banks wash soda solution and sterilize. I do this in an oven preheated to 180 degrees, about 10-15 minutes. All prepared greens and horseradish divided by the number of cans. I got 1 three-liter jar and 3 two-liter. Each portion is divided into 2 parts. The first to lay at the bottom. Top tightly load the cucumbers.

4. The rest of the cover cucumbers and chop garlic there. Put 2-3 peas and cloves. Boil 4 liters of water and pour all the cans up to the top with boiling water. If the liquid is not enough, you can add hot water from the kettle. Cover with clean lids.

5. In this form, they should stand for 1 hour, before cooling.

6. Carefully drain the water from the cans so that the contents do not spill out with it. Put again on the stove, dissolve the sugar and salt in the brine.

As soon as the water boils, boil the marinade for 5-10 minutes. This will kill the microbes that remained after the infusion of cucumbers. Pour the vinegar and wait 2 minutes. After adding it, you will notice that the brine has become transparent. Turn off the fire.

We start conservation

7. Once again, boil the brine well and stir in banks. To the brim, leave 1 centimeter. Roll up or screw tight.

8. Gently turn the sealed jars on the lids and check for leaks. If all is well, cover them with a blanket or a warm blanket. So they evenly cool, which will have a positive effect on storage.

In this form, the workpiece will stand for the rest of the day and night. In the morning you can already clean up for long storage in a cool place.

Fill the banks

3. Densely fill jars with cucumbers. If you use large fruit, they can be cut into pieces. This is especially necessary to do when there is a place at the top, and the whole cucumber does not fit. Top put another layer of fragrant ingredients.

Crumble the garlic in each jar, put it on a bay leaf and pour a few peas of pepper.

4. Lids need to boil for 5-10 minutes, after having washed them.

Cucumbers before harvesting must be well washed and soaked in ice water. It is better to remove the tips so that there is no bitterness left.

5. Boil water and pour the jars to the neck. After 5 minutes, drain it and boil again for 5 minutes. Repeat pouring cucumbers at the same time. After the second infusion, dissolve the sugar and salt in the marinade and wait for boiling. Boil for 5 minutes and add vinegar.

We put in storage

6. Then pour the marinade one last time. To avoid bloating, knock on the can or gently shake it. Air bubbles will come out. After that you can cork. Turn upside down and cover with something warm.

7. In the morning, the banks will be fully prepared for transportation to the storage location.

Cucumbers for the winter. Secrets of the perfect pickled cucumbers

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing difficult in harvesting cucumbers. However, this is not at all the case. If you do not know some of the nuances, the banks every now and then will "explode", and the snack can turn out far from your expectations. So that you fill the bumps on someone else's experience, I will share with you the basic rules of marinating.

1. The choice of cucumbers. Not surprisingly, this is one of the most important conditions. It is better to choose fruits that are not hung up, dense and without bitterness. Therefore, I never wait for a large amount of the crop, and pick them up immediately after being removed from the beds.

If your cucumbers are not very dense, soak them for a couple of hours in ice water. So that it does not heat up at room temperature, change it periodically. This procedure will fill the vegetables with new forces and harden before boiling water.

2. Additives. There is a mistaken view that garlic gives cucumbers spice and the more you add it, the better. This is not quite true. Garlic, during storage, can destroy the structure of vegetables. Therefore, with the addition of it to the bank, you should not overdo it. It gives a unique aroma and taste.

And the leaves and roots of horseradish, on the contrary, give elasticity and crunch. The leaves of apple, currant and cherry provide a delicate aroma and beautiful color.

3. Water. Water quality is an important factor on the way to delicious pickled cucumbers. On a personal experience, I can say that blanks for one recipe from spring, filtered and urban water differ in taste to many.

4. Salt. For any type of blanks for the winter you need to use large rock salt, without additives.

In conclusion, I would like to share some tricks:

  1. Add a handful of mustard seeds to each jar, then they will not explode.
  2. To prevent the glass from cracking when pouring boiling water, you can put a knife under the bottom, with the wide side of the blade. Cold metal settles thermal resistance,
  3. A little oak bark will give the cucumbers a crunch,
  4. 1 tablespoon of vodka or half a spoon of alcohol will protect the workpiece from premature spoilage.

Video recipe for crisp pickled cucumbers for the winter with mustard

Snack on this recipe is incredibly tasty. All stages of cooking are described in detail in the video. Take a look and learn how to cook this yummy.

How to pickle cucumbers for the winter

In order for the pimply vegetables to turn out tasty, fragrant and crispy, you need to follow a few simple recommendations:

Use only high quality raw materials. It is recommended to select fruits of the average size with a pimply and elastic skin.

To add flavor and extend a longer period, you must use aromatic herbs and spices. These can be cherry leaves, currants, horseradish (root), allspice and black peas, clove buds, mustard seeds.

Be sure to soak the greens. The more often to change the water, the crunchy they are obtained.

Salt is recommended to use special for salting. If that is not at hand, then you can simple cooking, but without additives.

Marinated instant cucumbers in a package in 2 hours: dry quick salting method

Finally, I'll share a quick-cooking recipe. Fresh green summer fruits you want to taste already salted right now. There is no urine to look at them - and they ask to open the jar.

No, we are ready to touch will not, and prepare a quick recipe in the package.

According to this classic recipe, salted cucumbers with garlic and greens are prepared.

Quick pickle recipe in package

Wash fruits, remove the "ass". And for quick salting and pickling cut into four parts.

Fold in the bag and add garlic and herbs. Salt and mix thoroughly by hand - right by hand.

Tie cellophane and intensively shaken several times. Then placed in another bag to pickle, which will give the vegetables did not run away. And leave for 2 hours - let them salt and soak in spices.

After 2 hours you can enjoy a quick snack.

By the way, I have an article where I tell you how to cook quickly and tasty salted cucumbers so that you can eat even tomorrow - here it is

Today I have a long article - I wanted to tell everything in one topic, not splitting into pages. To all possible recipes pickled cucumbers were in one place.

I would like to take this opportunity to learn from you, dear readers, what you can advise on the recipes of such preparation for the winter. Share below in the comments.