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25 indoor plants, which is useful to have in the house


Houseplants are not only a decoration of any home, but also the most effective air purifier, a kind of “dust collector”. After all, any home accumulates a lot of various toxic substances hazardous to our health. And indoor plants, as well as possible, clean the room, collecting dust, poisonous fumes and smoke.

They delight us not only with aesthetic beauty, they are extremely useful.

Based on the experience of florists and plant breeders, we have compiled the TOP 15 best plants in terms of beauty and influence on our body.


This plant absorbs carbon monoxide and many other toxic substances from the air. It is in the first place for the removal of formaldehyde from the environment and for the production of oxygen. Add elegance and beauty Chlorophytum help original pots or unusual support, on which you can put a pot.

Ficus benjamina

Benjamin Ficus - one of the best air purifiers after chlorophytum. The plant draws in dust and toxic substances that evaporate from furniture and plastic objects. The plant is interesting because during its growth its roots acquire various configurations.


Another beautiful and useful plant is spathiphyllum. Its flowers are often called the "bristle". It sucks up mold spores from the air and also cleans the air from such toxic substances as formaldehyde and trichlorethylene.

Laurel noble

Begonia, too, should start! Not only is it beautiful, but this plant also pulls in dust, eliminates fungal organisms, and also moistens the air. Do not forget to just spray the plant from the pulvellizer so that the new portion of dust is absorbed by the plant. And begonia absorbs radiation of electrical devices.


People who suffer from lung diseases should definitely get dieffenbachia. It eliminates stafilokok, and also eliminates toxic substances that emit paint coatings.

Aloe is one of the most popular and common indoor plants, and probably everyone has one in the house. This plant is very useful - "kills" formaldehyde, which evaporates from the surface of the furniture! Also aloe is a very effective drug. Phytoncides plants relieve physical tension and help improve brain activity.

Dracaena is also a great oxygen purifier. It draws from the air all the harmful substances entering with the exhaust gases into the house.

This plant of the Araliaceae family is very beautiful. In order to grow Schaeffler bright yellow-green color, you need a lot of diffuse color. The plant must be started by heavy smokers - Schefflera perfectly disinfects the air from tar and nicotine.

The plant perfectly fights harmful chemical elements. Hedera eliminates any volatile evaporation. The main advantage of this culture is that even the smallest plant can replace several cacti in terms of the amount of oxygen produced, since it has a high rate of photosynthesis.

Ivy destroys aerobic particles of faeces, which are sprayed in the air with each toilet bowl cleansing.

For good growth, the plant needs constantly moistened soil and sunlight.

This plant enriches the air with natural minerals and salt compounds. Also, the ficus produces a lot of oxygen, so he is the perfect "inhabitant" of bedrooms and living rooms. In addition, the plant has an energy impact, positively affecting the home atmosphere.

Gerber Jamson

The plant disinfects the air from benzene and trichlorethylene, which is formed during dry cleaning.

It should be noted that the gerbera is a rather capricious plant and does not tolerate excess moisture. He needs a lot of direct sunlight - at least 6 hours a day.

Useful properties of house plants

Here are the main ones:

  • In poorly ventilated rooms, carbon dioxide accumulates. Flowers absorb it and saturate the air with oxygen.
  • Medicinal plant species treat cuts, burns, colds and other ailments.
  • In winter, the indoor air becomes dry due to the heating system, which affects the skin condition and well-being. Flowers help to moisten the air.
  • Plants absorb electromagnetic radiation, which is created by household appliances and home appliances. It can affect a person's health, causing insomnia and headaches.
  • We are surrounded by objects that can release toxic substances. Urban air contains a lot of dust, exhaust gases, heavy metals from emissions from factories and enterprises. Plants clean the air, kill germs with their volatile production and absorb harmful impurities.
  • Folk beliefs provide room flowers with properties to bring happiness, harmony, tranquility, etc. We have included in our review some plants that according to omens are useful for their owners.

Houseplants: choose for yourself and loved ones

This is a well-known domestic doctor. It will help with colds, inflammations, can stop bleeding and heals wounds. Its juice is used to treat throat, heartburn, gastritis, inflammation of the gums and other diseases. It is often used for cosmetic purposes.


Great for growing in a pot on the windowsill. It improves appetite and stimulates the digestive process. Its leaves are good to use as seasoning for various dishes and brew tea with them.

Many favorite plant perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen and does not take up much space. Violet clean and humidify the air from carbon monoxide. This flower is a symbol of peace and tranquility in family relationships. It is believed that white flowers help get rid of sadness, fatigue and depression. Blue violets are suitable for creative people. They give peace, stimulate spiritual growth and strengthen character. Flowers of red and pink color cheer up and are able to protect their wearer from diseases.

Perfectly copes with the task of collecting dust, which is deposited on its leathery leaves. They are very easy to wash or wipe with a damp cloth. Ficus saturate the room with oxygen, clean the air from unpleasant odors. It improves family relationships, calms and relieves anxious thoughts.

A beautiful liana, for example, a seed plant looks good in a hanging pots. It has green heart-shaped leaves with yellowish specks. It is unpretentious and perfectly cleans the air. Money transfer transforms lazy energy into activity. It can be placed in the kitchen.

Wax ivy

This is a curly flower with solid oval leaves. It has white, pink or red umbrellas inflorescences. The plant neutralizes the negative energy in the house, protects the host from troubles and cleans the air from germs.

Lush curly geranium has many healing properties. It discourages mole and evil spirits, relieves irritability, normalizes sleep and fights against pathogenic bacteria. Her presence in the house alone attracts luck and fulfillment of desires. The fragrance of these flowers relaxes and relieves headaches. If the plant fades, they think that someone from the household can get sick.

This plant can be squat or tall, with a thick trunk. It is often called the money tree. The kolstyanka has small dark green leaves, which are located on the branches in a symmetrical manner. They look like little coins. Therefore, it is believed that the jersey is able to attract material goods to the house.

Sansevieria (Teschin language)

Pretty tall plant with massive elongated leaves. They are solid and have a dark green color. And also have light stripes in the middle or white specks. The flower improves family relationships and brings harmony. Its leaves are antiseptic, which is why they are widely used in traditional medicine. Sansevieria juice is used to heal wounds, and the plant is able to stop blood.

This bushy plant has a purple color. Its leaves resemble a flock of butterflies. During flowering on it appear small white flowers, umbrellas. Twigs of a flower can intertwine. Oxalis leaves can be used in cooking, for example, added to salads. They taste like sorrel. The plant improves intuition, sharpens the senses. It can be held by those who wish to meet the other half and draw attention to themselves.

Cactus (Echinopsis)

It has a spherical slightly elongated shape. Its ribbed body is covered with small needles. If you take good care of the cactus, it will bloom closer to the end of spring. And every year a shaggy soft arrow will appear on it, from which then a bud with a wonderful aroma will open. It will bloom up to 3 days. Cactus is placed near the TV or computer and in other places with dangerous radiation.


All citrus fruits calm the nervous system and relieve stress. The tree can be grown from a bone of lemon or mandarin. Leaflets as well as fruits can have a beneficial effect. Plants secrete essential oils that help calm, relieve stress and fatigue, ensure healthy and sound sleep.

Myrtle or Eucalyptus

These plants are the best suited for a bedroom. Their leaves secrete substances that facilitate breathing and relieve spasms of the bronchi. It is very useful for people with asthma and respiratory diseases.

Mirta is customary to give to newlyweds, as it is a symbol of long and happy family relationships. It must be carefully looked after so that the plant does not die and does not carry well-being with it.

Thanks to her, the room will be filled with the freshness of the coniferous forest. This is a miniature pyramid-shaped tree with soft needles. The plant perfectly cleans the air.


Many flowers, according to signs, bring harmony and love to the house. For example, spathiphyllum is a symbol of female happiness. He helps the girl in search of his second half and maintains the relationship of a married woman.

This is a small 30-centimeter plant with heart-shaped leaves that will make its owner happy and bring her luck in love.

Dwarf Pomegranate

It is believed that its fruits are able to strengthen the marital relationship, if the husband and wife try them together.

It is recommended to put red flowers in the bedroom. They bring harmony and mutual feelings into the life of a married couple. Anthurium has a glossy dark green leaves in the form of hearts. By acceptance, this flower will bring good luck to its male owner. Anthurium - a symbol of courage, masculine strength, passion, desire for freedom and love.

It has long leaves and single flowers folded form. It protects the home and generates joy and goodness, and also converts negative energy into positive.

Red Camellia will help refresh the relationship. Her buds look like peonies. The plant brings success in creativity and career.

It has small inflorescences of different color. This is a real home doctor. The flower heals cuts, treats colds, regenerates the skin, relieves stomach ulcers and even varicose veins.

Houseplant with dark matte leaves, in which there are white blotches. Cyclamen inflorescences resemble butterflies, their shade may be different. Most often, one shade smoothly into another. Flowers have a strong energy. They help get rid of fear, depression, bad dreams.

This is a flower with large oval leaves, on which a corrugated pattern is applied. During flowering, small white or yellow flowers appear. The flower cleans the air well and absorbs negative energy. Signs say that Calathea creates a peaceful atmosphere in the family.

Plant and grow plants and flowers at home, and the atmosphere around will be filled with positive energy and pleasant aromas!

Useful indoor plants for home

According to Feng Shui, a certain plant corresponds to each living space. But there are those that are considered universal - suitable for any room.

    Begonia - this unpretentious flower in leaving, with bright flowers bears positive power. It helps to achieve harmony, develops intuition. Begonia creates a welcoming atmosphere in the apartment. It is worth having this plant emotional people who can be upset because of any little things.

It helps to make a person more eloquent, to formulate thoughts clearly and concisely. Masok Begonia is ideal for trade and commerce related professions. Decorative bamboo - perfectly absorbs negative energy. This plant attracts good luck to the house, is a symbol of longevity and health. No wonder the Chinese call him "lucky bamboo».

Its rapid growth symbolizes the rapid development in all directions. Bamboo is able to smoothly change energy flows, so it is an excellent protector against negative energy. Spathiphyllum - this flower is also called "woman's happiness". As the name implies, he is loved by girls and women. He brings good luck and happiness in his personal life.

Unmarried ladies, he will help find a half, and the family to gain understanding with her husband. Spathiphyllum also brings happiness and good luck. Jade or "money tree" - This plant is a symbol of monetary well-being, wealth in the house. It is believed that the owner of the bastard need to plant it himself so that the plant absorbs the care and energy of the house.

When it grows up, it needs to be decorated with red ribbons and coins to enhance its properties. Cyclamen creates sunny weather in the house. Looking at his white and pink flowers, the mood immediately rises. It helps to unleash creativity.

It is useful to have him in the house to unsure and capricious people: he makes them relaxed and normalizes the emotional background. It is believed that this flower protects the home and those who live in it from negative energy and negative thoughts. Violets bring harmony and positive energy to the house. This plant increases vitality, helps to create a hospitable environment.

Violets are considered a symbol of vitality and loyalty. This tender flower helps to strengthen relations between spouses, to reach mutual understanding. Violets bring their owner good luck, material well-being. Ficus helps to intensify creative activities, helps to relax and tune in a positive way. Hot-tempered people with the advent of this plant will become calmer and more balanced.

It perfectly absorbs all anxieties, negative atmosphere, creating an atmosphere of harmony and comfort.

The listed plants are considered universal and can be placed in any room.

Plants for the kitchen

For landscaping this room suitable for temperature extremes, undemanding to care, not requiring constant spraying and drought-resistant.

    Chlorophytum perfectly cleans and moisturizes the air, even one flower will be enough for the kitchen. Therefore, it is also called "air order".

It is undemanding to watering, due to its root system is able to accumulate nutrients. Chlorophytum can be called an ideal plant for a kitchen. Aglaonema as well as chlorophytum perfectly cleans the air. But it does not tolerate changes in temperature so well, it is demanding of air humidity.

Aglaonema reduces the content of benzene and harmful substances in the air from furniture, plastic products and paint coatings. Be sure to wipe her leaves from dust. Epipremnum or scindapsus golden - Evergreen vine, which can grow up to one and a half meters in length.

It grows very quickly and is better used for vertical gardening. A cindepsus cleans the air, we tolerate not only temperature, but also artificial lighting. Only it needs to be fertilized periodically due to its rapid growth. Sansevieria or "Teschin language" so hardy that it can be kept near the stove. Like all the listed plants, it perfectly cleans the air from harmful substances.

"Teschin language" not bad tolerates the lack of light, but because of this, it will grow more slowly. There are many varieties of sansevierii with a variety of patterns, allows you to choose this plant in accordance with the interior.

Kitchen plants must be durable and clean the air well.

Plants for children

For the nursery, you need to choose plants that are primarily beneficial to health. This means that they should not cause allergies, non-toxic, and care for them should be quite simple. After all, how much pleasure flower-growing can deliver to a child!

    Lemon Tree or other citrus plants. It will fill the air in the children's freshness, pleasant unobtrusive smell.

Essential oils, excreted leaves, combining with ions of air, eliminate microbes. They also help your baby fall asleep faster. It is also important that his lemon tree can be grown independently. Kalanchoe - non-poisonous plant with bright flowers with unobtrusive odor. Его еще называют «комнатным доктором», потому что оно снижает количество болезнетворных микробов в воздухе, а сок этого растения обладает полезными свойствами: противовоспалительным, кровоостанавливающим, заживляющим.

Therefore, Kalanchoe is an ideal baby plant. Cypress appearance resembles a Christmas tree. This plant emit phytoncidesthat destroy fungus and bacteria.

Another of its useful properties is to “attract” dust to itself, thus, making the air cleaner for children. Hibiscus or chinese rose thanks to proper care, it will delight the child with almost incessant flowering.

It helps purify the air. Hibiscus also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the baby.

  • Begonia perfectly cleans the air from bacteria, fungi, ionizes it. This room flower contributes to easier flow of colds, and also has a positive effect on the psyche of the child.
  • Bedroom plants

    Select indoor plants, you need to follow the same principles as for the nursery.

      Myrtle and Eucalyptus copes with the purification of air. They also relieve bronchospasm, so they will be especially useful for asthmatics.

  • Spathiphyllum.
  • Camellia will refresh the relationship between spouses.

    Aloe lowers the content of harmful substances in the air. At night, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

    Flowers for harmony and happiness

    All of the above plants have positive energy, create a favorable home atmosphere. Especially it should be noted:

    • Spathiphyllum
    • Uzambarsky violet,

    Plants that should not be kept at home

    There are a number of indoor plants that are not suitable for home. This is due to the fact that they emit toxic substances that can be dangerous to an animal or person.

    There is also a lot of controversy about which plants carry negative energy. In this case, we can say that everything is individual, but opinions about positive or negative energy can be subjective.

    In addition, the poisonous juice of the above plants emit only if they break, and the juice is harmful when it is used inside. That is, if there are no children or animals in the house, and the flower is like, you can start.

    In general, it is best to focus on your own taste and sense of pleasure. Useful plants houseplants serve not only to clean the air, but also to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere.


    There is hardly a person who has not heard of such a useful and popular flower for the house, like a chrysanthemum. This plant is fully adapted to living at home, prefers a cool temperature of 15–18 ° C and short sunny days. Keep it away from direct sunlight. For chrysanthemums drying of soil and root system is unacceptableIt requires regular watering and moisturizing. The plant has a beneficial effect on plasma, blood, bone marrow. It is used for headache, sore throat, eye infections, liver disease and nosebleeds.

    Important!Some types of chrysanthemum have a very strong smell and can adversely affect a person, causing severe headaches. Be sure to ventilate the room with this flower before bedtime.

    Perhaps, many people in the house have this kind of thorny plant. Cacti have adapted to room conditions, since this climate is close to their native semi-desert climate. They are extremely light-requiring and unpretentious to the temperature regime in which they are grown. In summer, they require watering every 3–5 days as the topsoil dries. In cold or cloudy rainy weather cacti do not need moisture at all. The peculiarity of this plant is that its leaves are modified into spines of various lengths and colors. Cacti have a diuretic effect, are used for healing wounds, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, and neurological diseases. Broths from the stalk of a cactus effectively help in the treatment of colds.


    A very controversial plant is pelargonium, the specific smell of which quite the opposite affects different people. This is a perennial herbaceous plant, some species of which are represented in the form of subshrub. It can soothe and relax, as well as cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Pelargonium needs plenty of sunshine and room temperature. It needs to be watered every 3-4 days as the topsoil dries. The flower is used as excellent antidepressant and antisepticused for healing wounds. Pelargonium has excellent toning and deodorizing properties for the skin. In general, this room "doctor" has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

    Did you know?Scientists believe that the history of growing plants at home has more than 5,000 years.


    Another popular plant that is loved for unpretentiousness is Sansevera. It also has such unusual names as "Teschin language" and "pike tail."

    This modest flower has rare medicinal properties, for example, to withstand adverse conditions. Therefore, during the rampant of flu and other infectious diseases, Teschin language increases the resistance of inhabitants of the house to all viruses.

    Useful in inflammation of appendages:

    • 1/3 cup fill with finely chopped leaves of a sancevier,
    • add to the edges of the vodka, pour into a container with a dark glass,
    • let it stand for 21 days in the fridge,
    • strain through 3 layers of cheesecloth, then store in the same bottle.

    Take 1 tbsp. morning and evening after meals. The course is 14 days.


    The healing properties of tradescantia in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, tonsillitis, colds, and even tuberculosis are well known.

    The recipe for making tinctures is the same as described above. Drink every 2 hours, 50 ml of tincture, diluting with the same amount of water before meals. If you develop periodontal disease, then chew the leaves of this plant and rub its juice into the gums.

    For hematomas, cuts, scratches, apply a fresh leaf of the green doctor to the sore spot.

    Ficus is considered one of the most useful indoor saplings. This unpretentious flower perfectly cleans the air in the apartment, heals a huge number of diseases.

    When tracheitis and bronchitis: boil the leaves for 3 minutes, brush with honey, tie on the back and chest, fasten well, tie a scarf on top, leave the compress for the night.

    Tincture very well treats arthritis, radiculitis and osteochondrosis:

    • Pass the leaf of ficus through the meat grinder,
    • pour 100 ml of vodka,
    • keep in the fridge for 2 weeks.
    • filter through 2 layers of gauze, pour into a container with a dark glass.

    Heat up in hot water before use.

    At bedtime, take a bath (39 degrees) with the addition of 200 g of salt, then rub the sore spot with tincture of ficus, wrap it in a warm scarf. The course is 10 days.

    Warts and Wen disappear, if to 100 g of juice add 50 g of vinegar essence. Make a hole in the patch, stick to the wart, put 2-3 drops of the mixture into the hole in which the wart looks.

    Burning will begin immediately. If the burning sensation can be tolerated, then hold for 10-12 seconds, if it burns very hard, then quickly wash it off with water.

    Home ginseng is used to treat outdoor diseases. Kalanchoe well treats sores, bedsores, fistula, purulent infections in the form of boils, purulent wounds.

    To get the juice, the leaves are cut, put in a fridge for 7 days, crushed, squeezed out the juice, which is kept in the fridge again, then passed through 3 layers of gauze, sterilized, preserved in banks.

    It is best to store in the refrigerator for no more than a year. On the wound impose 4 layers of gauze dipped in Kalanchoe juice.

    Kalanchoe is often called a living tree. A living tree grows in almost every home, but not everyone knows that “babies” that grow thickly on the leaves can be put in salads or simply eaten daily 1 tbsp. Such a "dish" will help get rid of anemia, increase the body's defenses.

    Tincture recommended to use with varicose veins: rub your feet bottom up.

    To get rid oft cervical erosionInsert ointment swabs every 4 hours. Erosion will disappear in a week.

    For the manufacture of ointment lanolin combine with the sap of a living tree in a ratio of 5: 3, then add 50 g of vaseline.

    Green doctor is recognized as the best healer in the decline of immunity, treatment of smallpox, arthritis, mumps, burns, infectious diseases of the bladder and other infectious diseases.

    For the preparation of tinctures use the flowers of this miraculous plant. Echinacea can kill a large number of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, as evidenced by studies conducted in Germany.

    The tincture is sold in a pharmacy, which must be taken 5-10 drops 3 times a day.

    Money Tree

    Money tree is useful not only for attracting money, but also for treatment of many diseases: antritis, bronchitis, tuberculosis, blood, heart, stomach.

    The most famous home doctor is considered aloe. The leaves are applied to nonhealing wounds, burns, corns, calluses. Or soak a piece of gauze with agave juice, apply it to the sore spot, change the bandage to get a positive result.

    Many women make aloe facial masks that cleanse the skin of acne and rashes.

    Golden mustache became the favorite of many flower growers. He perfectly treats:

    • Burns, lichen, sores, promotes rapid cleansing of purulent wounds,
    • Diseases of the stomach, gallbladder, intestines,
    • Circulatory diseases,
    • Metabolic disorders in diabetes and obesity,
    • Joint diseases,
    • Increases immunity.

    To prepare the infusion using leaves or purple shoots.

    Method 1: Brew 1 large sheet of mustache 1L of boiling water per day.

    Method 2: 16 "knees", put in a thermos, pour boiled water, let it brew for 7 hours.

    Method 3: chop the leaf or shoots, pour with cold water, bring to a boil, insist 6 hours.

    The resulting tool must be taken in 1 tbsp. spoon, three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

    Indian onions

    Medical bow has many names. You can learn it by wide leaves and a large scaly bulb.

    Hellish root can replace a whole list of medicines, but be careful, this is a very poisonous plant, so you can only use it externally.

    Well treats skin diseases of the joints.

    If you suffer from headachesthen regularly lubricate the whiskey juice of ripe leaves. It is said that pain instantly recedes.

    If you suffer from sciatica or rheumatismthen take the leaves of the plant, rub well, lubricate the affected area, wrap a scarf. Hold for 2 hours. At first you will feel a tingling sensation, but it will pass quickly.

    Gepz, warts, blisters, cuts, tumors can be lubricated with mucus, mastitis can be treated with compresses. In addition, Indian onion blooms beautifully, clearing the air from harmful bacteria. Look at the photo of a blooming pet.

    • Disinfecting, reducing pain,
    • Thinning mucus, relieve inflammation,
    • Removal of excess fluid from the body,
    • Healing of wounds, with radiculitis, neuritis, rheumatism,
    • Normalization of digestion.

    Agave can be added to salads, because it has a large amount of nutrients.

    Dear flower growers, now you have learned even more about the medical benefits of your green pets, which means that all diseases will be easy for you!

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