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Pine cones for health are needed: useful properties and contraindications of medication from nature itself


The medicinal properties and contraindications of pine cones are described in detail in folk herbalists and phyto guide books. The most valuable in this popular medicine is pine essential oil, resinous acids, tannins and a rich vitamin-mineral complex. A medical consultation is recommended before starting treatment, since side effects and an allergic reaction are possible.

In traditional medicine, in addition to young pine cones, they also use needles, buds (shoots), branches, sap, pine pollen. All parts of the plant have a similar healing effect. However, there are some nuances in their application. So, for example, green pine cones are prescribed in the post-stroke period and for the prevention of stroke. And the pine buds are most often used for respiratory diseases. Read more about pine bud treatment in our other article.

Preparation of raw materials

There is no difficulty in harvesting, because pine is a common tree. It is only important to choose an environmentally clean zone, clean forests, remote from industrial enterprises and highways.

  • When to collect. Cones appear on the branches after flowering. And begin to bloom pine at the age of 15 years. Flowering can last from May to June, depending on climatic conditions. And after two or three weeks there are bumps.
  • How to harvest. If you cut a young cone, it will have resin inside. It is this substance and the fruit is valued. Only dense, not yet opened bumps should be collected. This usually happens in June. Although it is believed that they can be collected even in winter, in the form that has been revealed. Some sources indicate that it is better to collect the fruits before the summer solstice.

Cones are usually not dried. From the collected raw materials, alcohol, honey liqueurs, syrups and preserves, decoctions and infusions are prepared.

Healing action

What benefits do pine cones bring to the body? What is their chemical composition?

  • Turpentine (coniferous essential oil) with pinene, borneol, cadinene, limonene, bornila acetate and other turpentine.
  • Tannins.
  • Resinous acids.
  • Bitterness
  • Phytoncides
  • Mineral salts.
  • Rich vitamin complex (C, K, P, A, group B).
  • Resins
  • Starch.

The range of pharmacological action:

  • antimicrobial,
  • distracting
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • expectorant
  • soothing
  • blood cleaning
  • diuretic,
  • choleretic
  • antiseptic,
  • insecticidal,
  • antiscorbetic.

General information

Young pine cones - a tool that has long been used for treatment. They were used as an effective remedy for scurvy, bronchitis, tuberculosis, colds, joint pain. It has always been very popular among the inhabitants of Siberia. Cones and traditional healers, who prepared infusion, jam, balms and other means, were considered valuable tools.

Conifer cone is a modified shoots that ripen in the second year. It was then that under the influence of the dry wind they gradually begin to unfold. But those who are interested in when to collect cones for the purpose of treatment, it should be noted that only young cones are used for treatment. Their composition includes resin, which has a unique therapeutic effect. Therefore, tincture of cones are widely used against pressure, for the treatment of diseases of the joints, bones, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory organs, etc.

Means based on this component are also quite an effective cure for stroke. This quality has been proven scientifically, because experts have devoted separate large-scale studies to the study of such properties of cones. Currently, work is underway to create special tablet forms that are easy to use and produce a pronounced effect during the treatment and prevention of strokes.

The current situation with the incidence of stroke

Currently, the prevention of stroke and other vascular and heart diseases is a very important link in the struggle for the health of the nation. After all, ailments of the cardiovascular system are widespread among people of different ages. According to statistics, every year a stroke is recorded in 450 thousand people in Russia of different ages. About a third of patients die a month after a stroke. A third of people who have suffered this dangerous disease require careful additional care and remain dependent on others. Another 9% throughout the year suffer a stroke again. If we evaluate the overall picture of the rehabilitation process after a stroke, then the severity of this disease is clearly indicated by the fact that only 8% of patients after a stroke did not need additional help.

How to treat a stroke with pine cones?

Pine - recognized phytoncide plant. Phytoncides - These are substances that produce a very powerful antimicrobial effect. They destroy pathogenic microbes and at the same time have pronounced tonic properties. Phytoncides have a positive effect on the general state of the immune system. In the summer months in the cones gradually accumulates a lot of useful substances for the body. In addition to volatile production they contain many of vitamins, essential oils, tannins. It is precisely because of the presence of tannins in the cones, which have unique properties, they are used as a cure for stroke, and as an effective prophylactic agent. Researchers have confirmed that they contain new types of tannins, suspending the dying off of brain cells in people who have suffered a stroke.

Directly during a stroke and after it, due to an acute violation of cerebral blood flow, brain cells die off very intensively. Moreover, at the time when the rehabilitation period is over, the process of cell death continues and even becomes more active.

The use of tannin is justified by the fact that this substance is able to reduce cell death. Scientists have proven this by conducting a series of experiments on experimental rodents. If we consider the results of the experiment, then in mice receiving tannins, only 20% of the brain cells died, and in those rodents that did not receive such treatment, about 70%.

According to the scientists who conducted this study, the thing is that tannins are able to block one of enzymes, determining the process of vital activity of brain cells. This reduces the intensity of their death. And the tannins contained in the pine cones act that way. This property of pine cones was confirmed by scientists from California.

However, those who are planning to use such medicines should remember the following: if treatment and recovery is carried out after a stroke, folk remedies can be used only after consulting a doctor. After all, preparations made on the basis of cones have contraindications. So you can not use them all the time.

Pine cones: medicinal properties and contraindications

Useful properties due to the components that are contained in the modified shoots of pine:

  • essential oil, which includes borneol, limonene, pinene, bornyl acetate, cadinene and other substances,
  • resinous acids,
  • bitterness
  • phytoncides,
  • tannins,
  • a number of vitamins (group B, A, K, P, C),
  • starch,
  • tar,
  • mineral salts.

There is a wide range of pharmacological effects, so treatment with pine cones is carried out in various diseases and conditions. Proved the following effects of funds based on them:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antimicrobial,
  • expectorant,
  • diuretic,
  • choleretic
  • blood cleaning
  • calming,
  • antiseptic,
  • insecticidal,
  • antiscorbutic,
  • distracting.

With high pressure

Since the agents based on this component produce a hypotensive effect, it is used to normalize pressure. Apply it for preventive purposes. For the preparation of funds to buy pine cones can be in the pharmacy network. You can buy in a pharmacy and ready infusion based on this component.

In diseases of the digestive system

This remedy has a positive effect on the state of the stomach and pancreas. Tincture is sometimes recommended for use with gastritis, peptic ulcer. But it is important to note that with such treatment, exacerbation is possible. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before use.

Local treatment

This tool is also used externally, as an irritant, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, painkiller. Broth process the skin when eczema, lichen, allergic reactions. Tinctures are used for grinding for inflammation of muscles and joints, radiculitis, myositis, rheumatism. Decoctions and infusions are useful in inflammatory diseases for gargling.

As a rule, infusions and inhalations are prescribed for children when they cough. Children can be given jam from pine cones, the benefits and contraindications of which are the same as those of other products based on this component. Pine cones jam recipes are different, but the doctor has to give recommendations how to take the jam.

Virtually every recipe for jam from pine cones is based on mixing cones and syrup. However, despite the fact that the beneficial properties of jam from pine cones are indisputable, it is necessary to adhere to a strict dosage in order not to provoke allergic reactions. Since this product is quite tasty, children eat it with pleasure. But those who take pine cones jam, the benefits and harms of this product must be taken into account.

To strengthen the body

You can take such funds as tonic. They are able to restore the body's defenses after infections, prevent the development of avitaminosisto strengthen immunity. Pine essential oil is useful as a deodorizing agent, because it perfectly disinfects the air.

When to collect?

During the warm months in the cones accumulate beneficial substances with healing properties. For the treatment of stroke used green buds, already in time to form. They are suitable for making tinctures. During the rehabilitation period after this formidable disease, already ripe buds are used, which have not yet opened, but they have seeds.

Collect them from young trees that are 10-15 years old. As a rule, it is low trees, so the collection is very convenient.

How to make tinctures on vodka?

Before cooking, you need to carefully sort out the raw materials, wash it and pour it with vodka or alcohol from proven manufacturers. The proportions in this case are as follows: for 5 cones, pre-cut, take 1 cup of vodka or 70% alcohol. Infuse the solution should be in a dark place for two weeks. The jar should be shaken periodically. The more often you shake the container, the more saturated and useful the tincture will be. After two weeks, the remedy must be filtered and taken during the treatment 3 times a day, 1 tsp. For prevention, drink tincture 1 time a day for 1 tsp. The course of treatment lasts up to six months.

You can also make alcohol tincture with apple cider vinegar. To do this, 5 cones need to add 250 ml of alcohol. Infuse at room temperature for 10 days. Strain after this, add 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar. If possible, use homemade vinegar. This tincture should be drunk for six months, adding a teaspoon to tea.

How are spruce cones useful?

The use of spruce cones in traditional medicine is practiced for various diseases. Funds based on them are shown at bronchitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and others. Like pine, they produce an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect. They contain vitamins, essential oils, a number of biologically active substances.

Fir cones, photo

They are used to treat almost the same ailments that are treated with modified pine shoots. It is also known that it is possible to make bracing broths and tinctures from fir cones. Jam cones are also prepared, the benefits and harms of which are the same as those of pine jam.

The recipe for jam from spruce cones is simple. Cones need to be crushed, and then folded into layers in an enamel container, each layer, sprinkling with sugar. A week later, when the shoots give the juice, boil on a small fire for 40 minutes. No need to stir. Jam can be consumed immediately or rolled up in jars. In this case, the resin, which remained at the bottom of the tank, must be left and thrown away. Jam is used to treat colds, with avitaminosis, to strengthen the immune system. However, this remedy is not recommended for children under 12 years old.

Use of pine buds

Other recipes are no less popular, in particular those using pine buds. Their medicinal properties are due to the contained useful components. In most cases, the use of pine buds in folk medicine is associated with the treatment of cough. The pine buds are part of the chest collections and a variety of teas, as they produce a noticeable expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. They are also used to treat other diseases. For the treatment and prevention of stroke, the kidneys are also used, because they contain a large amount of tannins. But still more often for this purpose use the bumps.

However, it is important to bear in mind that they contain a large amount of turpentine. Therefore, with kidney-based treatments, digestive disorders, allergies and headaches are possible. From the pine buds prepare broths on the water and milk, tincture of alcohol. Broths are also used for making baths.

In folk medicine, the healing properties of pine resin are widely known. This resin is mainly processed to turpentine and rosin. These components are part of painkillers, warming and other means. Resin has anti-inflammatory, healing, antiseptic properties. Therefore, its local use is widespread.

In its pure form, cedar resin is most often used. Also in many sources described the benefits of cedar tincture on vodka, which is made from pine nuts. It has a positive effect on the functions of the sexual and digestive system, and also effectively affects the state of immunity.

Thus, funds from the cones can be used as a means to recover from a stroke. They thin the blood, suspend the process of the death of brain cells, stimulate the restoration of speech and coordination of movements. But they should be used strictly by prescription and after consultation with the doctor.

Chemical composition

The pinecone is a modified shoot that develops at the ends of the branches of a famous tree. This is a derivative of the most common tree in the world. Its rich chemical composition is not inferior to any drug. First, as part of a pine tree, the fruit has a resinous content. This is a wonderful pleasant smell and rare valuable substances - terpenes. Secondly, this modified shoot is a source of vitamins of almost all groups: A, B1, C, E, H, U.

And finally, the cones include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, borneol, lipids, oleic acid, essential oils. Thanks to these incredibly useful elements, pine cones have earned widespread use in traditional medicine.

Secrets of the collection and when to collect

The quality of the fruit is directly influenced by the time and the way it is collected. The main ingredient of medicines are green shoots. It is believed that they contain a greater number of the above listed nutrients. That is why it is necessary to go to the “middle-aged” pine forest in May (in warm climatic conditions) or in July-August (in the areas of the Urals, Siberia and other cold areas). Our ancestors believed that the shoots would acquire unique healing or even magical properties if they were collected on the night of Ivan Kupala.

Many people who have already encountered this process warn that there is still no clear period when it is necessary to collect pine cones. Many factors (humidity, age of a tree, density of a wood) influence the "ripeness" of this product. In order not to miss the ripening of cones, experienced foresters advise to monitor their growth. After all, very little red shoots are extremely quickly turning into the necessary green ingredients for popular recipes. But there is an opinion that red pine cones are a wonderful tool for treating and cleaning vessels, therefore, if you have such problems, you can collect some unripe shoots.

Ideal drug bumps should be soft, not lethargic, and as already noted, a pleasant uniform greenish color. Cones in any case can not have any visible damage by insects, rotten or other traces indicating damage and their inappropriate quality. They will be easy to cut with a knife, but not crumble. The size does not play a big role, shoots can be from one to four centimeters in length. There is still controversy over whether to flush the cones with water before use or not. On the one hand, it is considered that it is dangerous and wrong to use an unwashed product.

On the other hand, many housewives insist that almost half of the beneficial properties may disappear from washing the fruit. There is already a decision for you. For therapeutic purposes, it is necessary to collect the cones early in the morning. It is believed that at this time the process of sap flow begins, which fills them with healing properties.It's no secret that a young bump that dries will acquire a rich dark color. It is recommended to keep it in a fabric bag, cardboard box or paper bag, where moisture and direct sunlight do not fall. Shelf life - one and a half years.

Body benefits

Earlier, the incredibly rich chemical composition of pine shoots was described, which served to their great benefit to the body, provided, of course, reasonable use. Cones can lead to the following processes:

  1. Improving blood circulation by strengthening blood vessels.
  2. A significant increase in immunity.
  3. Preventing stroke, heart attack.
  4. Active skin regeneration.
  5. The enrichment of the whole body with minerals, which contributes to the rapid accretion of bones.
  6. Anesthesia for ulcers, gastritis, urinary system ailments.
  7. Normalization of blood pressure.
  8. Renewal of blood after internal bleeding.
  9. Soothing and tonic effect (depending on the recipe means, which includes shoots).
  10. Positive changes in the functioning of the organs of vision.
  11. Acceleration of metabolism (very important for people who are trying to lose weight).
  12. Improve hair growth.
  13. Optimization of water-salt balance of the whole human body.

Use in traditional medicine

Scientists could not afford to ignore the wide range of beneficial effects of pine cones. Numerous studies have led to the creation of a variety of drugs (from ointments to syrups) based on this ingredient. In most cases, pine shoots in traditional medicine are used as remedies for such diseases:

  • SARS, flu, cold,
  • pneumonia,
  • avitaminosis,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • bronchitis,
  • cough,
  • polyarthritis,
  • heart failure.

In addition, pine is famous for its phytoncidal properties and, therefore, can inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria. A decoction of cones can be used for inhalation and therapeutic baths, taken orally.

Recipes in traditional medicine

The people are always inventive, therefore there are enough options and recipes for medicines from pine shoots. The most current ones have the following instructions:

  1. Medicinal properties of pine cones infusion with vodka well known. It is commonly used in diseases of the stomach. To prepare the healing liquid, it is necessary to chop the green shoots finely, and then in a glass container pour them with pure vodka (without any impurities) in a ratio of 1:10. The older generation did this procedure using moonshine, which was considered an ideal combination with pine cones. Nowadays, of course, you can use industrial alcohol. Mixture insist one to two weeks in a dark cool place. Take the drug two or three times a day, one tablespoon before meals. This proportion is calculated on a person weighing 70 kg, but if you weigh less, then the dose should be reduced to one teaspoon.
  2. Pine cones with Cahors - less popular mixture than with vodka, but incredibly useful. It will help to cope with a strong cough, sore throat and pain in the lungs. It is necessary to spend the whole month on preparation of tincture, but it is worth it. The recipe is this: a one-liter jar needs to be filled with small green cones, covered with sugar (about five tablespoons), covered tightly with a lid and left for two days, then covered with cahors, shaken and hidden in a dark, cool place. We use the elixir twice a day, one tablespoon after a meal.
  3. Jampine cones - not just a medicine, but also a magical, delicious delicacy, which will surely be enjoyed by everyone. There are thousands of recipes for unusual jam, as they are treated for colds, sore throat, flu, acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, and are also used for prevention. To make jam, you need to collect one kilogram of the main ingredient. Cones are washed, put in a saucepan and filled with cold clean water. One kilogram of sugar is added to the container and placed on a small fire. It costs 1.5-2 hours to cook, constantly stirring and removing the white foam. Jam should be thick. After cooking, it can be consumed immediately or rolled up in sterilized jars, like any other jam. You can eat exotic jam with tea or another drink, but it is advisable to do it in small portions.
  4. Medicinal decoction of pine cones can be a worthy substitute for pharmaceutical preparations for cleansing the skin and general rejuvenation of the whole organism. According to legend, this is a secret tool of oriental beauties. To prepare it is very simple. It is necessary to fill the bumps with water in a ratio of 1: 3, boil for 3-5 minutes, do not need to cook longer, in order to preserve vitamins as much as possible. You can drink broth as warm as tea, but not more than three glasses a day. Yes, and to the taste, by the way, this tool resembles fragrant herbal tea.
  5. There are pine cones recipes from such a serious disease as a stroke. You can make a mixture of 70% alcohol. To do this, cut in half 5 fruits and pour a glass of alcohol, leave in a dark place for two weeks. Before use, you need to shake well. For prophylaxis, use 1 teaspoon in the morning after eating and every other day, and for treatment - three times a day after meals.