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Top grapes of early ripening


Cultivation of grapes was carried out before our era. It is not fully known who first realized the qualities of grapes and discovered it as a food product. But it is impossible to deny the fact that the history of growing grapes starts from time immemorial.

Aleshenkin grapes - a classic representative of the early varieties

Early grape varieties

Grapes are early, medium, late and super early ripening. The most popular are early varieties and super early ones, since it takes four months or less to fill the berries and purchase a sweet taste. This is the most optimal and profitable method of planting and growing culture.

Care of planting material consists of pruning, watering, fertilizer and proper planting. Early harvest can be obtained by selecting the right seedling variety and providing proper care for the grapes.

To decide on which grape variety is better to plant for early harvest, you need to select it from the following list:

  • Kishmish, Kodryanka and Sofia.
  • Laura, Transfiguration and Arcadia.
  • Delight, Aleshenkin and Jubilee.
  • Libya, Augustine and Victor.
  • Timur, Velez, Victoria and Monarch.

Grape Transformation gives beautiful berries and large clusters

The grape variety kishmish belongs to the early varieties and gives a crop one hundred and ten days after planting. The harvest of round and light berries, each weighing four grams, is obtained without stones and has a sweet taste. The variety is resistant to disease and cold resistant.

The ripening period of Sofia is one hundred and fifteen days from the time of vegetation. The berries acquire large sizes and weigh an average of five grams each, the color of the crop is light with a characteristic musk flavor and aroma. The variety is hardy to cold and disease.

It is possible to attribute the coding green to the very early ones, since it gives the harvest already for the third month. Shrub bush grows heavily and gives the berries a dark color. Taste qualities are pleasant and have no specific notes. This variety will fight back the fungal disease and will endure the cold.

Early appearance Laura gives bright berries weighing nine grams with a pleasant taste. Berries contain large bones. Growing a view is convenient because it is easy to transport and store. The variety tolerates cold and is resistant to diseases; the variety is grown by covering type. The output is obtained berries weighing about nine grams.

Laura grapes are well stored during transport.

Growing Arcadia carried out for one hundred twenty-five days. The harvest is large and the weight characteristics of the variety reach two kilograms. Tastes are simple. what attracts consumers in this variety. Each berry of light color reaches a weight of about fifteen grams. The variety carries transportation and long-term storage.

In early summer, a variety of transformation is ripening, a large grape bush with bright reddish berries. Taste varieties are excellent, and the harvest stably ripens. It also resists diseases and pests.

Another stable variety is a delight to produce a crop on the one hundred and twentieth day and has an average power of growth, the berries are light and sweet.

Aleshenkin variety yields a hundred and twentieth day after the growing season. The color of the berries at five kilograms of weight gain a light shade, the form is resistant to diseases and cold

A grape jubilee type gives a harvest in the early stages, the weight of each bunch of the crop reaches one and a half grams, with red and large berries. A variety of grapes with a pleasant taste also calmly resists diseases and endures frosts.

Bunches of grapes Anniversary can weigh up to 1.5 kg

The grapes of Libya produce a hundred and tenth day after the growing season. The harvest turns out with nutmeg smack and sweet taste. It is susceptible to fungal diseases, but enduring to cold.

Variety Augustin is very resistant to disease and cold. The harvest is ready by mid-August, the color of the berries is light, the taste is sweet. In the care of the variety is not demanding. The weight of each bunch reaches five hundred grams.

Variety Victor is the bright berries of early ripening, which are demanding for the care provided. It is resistant to frost and disease. the crop ripens by the second half of September.

The Timur variety yields a hundred and sixteenth day after planting and does not grow much; each bunch weighs about six hundred grams. The color of the berries is light. the taste is sweet. Planting material is resistant to fungal diseases and is able to grow in northern latitudes.

Velez, Victoria and Monarch are dark early grape varieties that are resistant to cold and produce a consistently high yield.

Grapes Velez - decoration of any site

Super early grapes

Among the grape varieties, there are also varieties that need a minimum period of ripening of the vine. The crystal with high productivity of a look belongs to the super early term of maturing. The maturation rate is one hundred and fifteen days. The bush grows to medium size. Each bunch weighs about two hundred grams. The berries are light and sweet, each with two grams. The species is able to resist diseases and grows under conditions of severe frost. Crystal is used for winemaking.

Super early look Julian is ready for the hundredth day since the growing season. The harvest is obtained in large bright reddish hue. This species is also able to survive cold and specific diseases.

The speed of ripening extra harvest equals one hundred and twenty days, the bushes grow strongly, each bunch reaches a weight per pound. Grapes large light color.

On the one hundred and twentieth day from the time of the growing season, the crop of magaracha ripens. This species does not tolerate freezing temperatures and certain diseases become disastrous for the species. Dark grapes with a small amount of seeds have a pleasant taste.

Variety Cardinal dark color of the crop, give berries with a juicy sweet taste and a pleasant aroma with nutmeg notes. The harvest is ready on the one hundred and twentieth day, the amount of the harvest is large, but it is not capable of repelling pests and frosts.

Super early appearance of grapes beauty gives a crop of large dark berries that are resistant to frost and have a sweet taste.

Another kind of plant sensation also matures in the early stages with large dark-colored grapes, it calmly refers to cold weather.

Jupiter - an early black grape variety

The variety jupiter is similar in characteristics to the raisin and possesses nutmeg notes on the palate, tolerates freezing and exposure to pests.

Early variety Pleven belongs to table species with light sweet berries, which need shelter for the winter and in careful care, because they are affected by pests and fungal diseases.

The stand-up grape ripens by the end of August and produces large clusters with dark berries. The variety is resistant to disease and cold.

The lily of the valley grape variety gives harvest in early August. On the one hundred and twenty fifth day a harvest of sweet berries is formed, which are resistant to frost and fungi.

The varieties of grapes are diverse and among them you can easily choose the most suitable type for the region.