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Why does the rabbit refuse to feed the rabbits and how to solve this problem


The article discusses the reasons for which the rabbit can abandon their newborn offspring.

Why does the rabbit throw rabbits? In fact, there are many reasons for the rabbit to refuse to raise offspring. The most common reasons for which the rabbit does not feed the rabbits are inflammation of the mammary gland and the state of wild hunting.

If the rabbit has thrown rabbits and does not want to feed them, check the quality of your feed and the rabbits as a whole, because it feeds up to eight rabbits, which is hard enough for her. If the rabbit does not receive in the right quantities what is excreted in milk, then she has to refuse to feed the offspring and the rabbits die.

A rabbit can also throw a rabbit at a low temperature. As a result - the offspring freezes, loses its activity, the rabbits die. Quite often, in addition to cold conditions of detention, poor feeding of the rabbit connects, which aggravates the situation even more. If the rabbit does not feed the rabbits, you should pay attention to the sanitary condition of the room. If it is unsatisfactory, then it is possible that there are parasites in the room, which also affected the rabbit tossed the rabbit.

By the way, the reason why the rabbit does not feed the rabbits may be a metabolic disorder. At the same time it is necessary to revise the diet of the rabbit. You can not bring the rabbit to fear, to move from place to place during the okrol. The reason for the rejection of the offspring can serve as a disease of the breast - mastitis. In this disease, the skin of the mammary glands grows and darkens, the nipples harden and start to hurt very much. Mastitis is very difficult to treat. Its appearance is easier to avoid in advance than later to heal.

If the bunny throws bunny rabbits, you need to put them in for feeding to the other bunny. If this is not possible, then it is recommended to use another method - artificial feeding from a bottle with a nipple with whole cow's milk. This should be done throughout the month. At the same time you need to know how many bunnies feed the bunnies. The rabbit feeds her babies once or twice a day. Artificially fed baby rabbits are recommended 2-3 times a day. You can try to put the rabbit on its side and put the rabbit. That is, bring the rabbit only for feeding.

The main reasons for which the rabbit throws rabbits include: mammary gland inflammation - mastitis, a state of wild hunting, low air temperature in the room, poor insufficient feeding, poor sanitary condition of the room (presence of parasites), metabolic disorders, stressful situations.

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Feedback on "Gel for horses of double action cooling and warming (250 ml)"
The neck is my weak point. A bit of a draft and I already feel every muscle of the neck ... In other words, neuralgia is my worst enemy and a frequent visitor. In the cold, the bus is waiting for a long time - neuralgia, a draft in the office - neuralgia, I will forget to close the window at home at night to close - neuralgia. Who faced - knows that the treatment of neuralgia - this massage, wrapping, warming up the gels, as well as how long the process is. But, oddly enough, the double action gel for horses helped speed up this process for me. After all, before that, I used the drugs strictly for the intended purpose (although sometimes my thoughts slipped when I fed the cat Viskas :)))). For two or three days the pain goes away,)
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For two years now I have been using the Biokan vaccine and I am very pleased - there have never been any problems. They say that this is an analogue of Nobivaku, but so this vaccine is much cheaper. Usually, doctors use this vaccination scheme: 6-8 weeks - Biokan DHPPi 8-10 weeks - "Biokan DHPPi + L" 15-17 weeks - "Biokan DHPPi + LR" Annual revaccination - "Biokan DHPPi + LR"
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I use gel for horses of double action for treatment of knee joints. In childhood there was an injury, and now I maintain a normal state of the knees with exercises and massages. Of course, the disease of the joints is not a matter of a couple of years. Before exercises and during the massage I use gel for joints for horses. It works very nicely, you feel how it cools at first, and then warms up, relieves pain, I would say, it even strengthens (with regular use). I have been using it for a year now. No such remedy in the treatment of the knee joint does not produce such an effective effect.
Yuri Alekseevich
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Flea drugs appeared in the apartment from the same moment they bought a puppy. We do not intend to hatch fleas, therefore we drip regularly from the early age by a lawyer. Therefore, we have never had an avid fight against fleas, we are dripping more for prevention. God saves man, who save himself.
Katerina Ivanovna
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I chose Albendazole because I had heard this name before. My aunt, who has her own small farm (pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits), expels the parasites from their pets with the help of Albendazole powder. So I decided to try Albendazole Tablets for my dogs (greyhounds). They live with me most of the year on the street, they run around a lot, so I think they could get infected with worms. When Albendazole was given, one dog lost its appetite, while the other survived the removal of worms well. After some time, the appetite resumed and the dog began to feel good. Apparently yet one dog had worms. That is, the removal of worms was successful.
Lozovaya, Kharkiv region 41 years old, cashier

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I wash my hair only in the evening (long, long dry). I have quite a hard work, I always looked for gels and shampoos with a relaxing smell. This shampoo has a takooy smell that I instantly relax and think only about sleep. For a busy day, it's even better than 100 grams))))
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Friends gave us a kitten. What breed of cat I do not know, but then, the kitten was not at all accustomed to the toilet, it is a fact. Smart people also advised me to buy Smart spray. And you know, I do not regret - I will not list the places that he was taking, but after using the spray, he really began to go to the tray, and not anywhere.
Kirovograd, 37 years

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On the question of how to teach the cat to the toilet, I can say with confidence - Smart spray to help you. No remedy helps that way. My cat did to it a chic toilet ... in my bathroom ... on a rug .. For the first time I couldn’t even understand where this stench came from. Yes, that would be the whole apartment and so sharp! And then I somehow found ... stepping after a shower on a rug. I later washed my legs for a long time ... I already thought that it would be forever, because the cat is adult (perekknulo, probably due to hormonal disruptions), it is unlikely to teach. But now I know that it’s not a problem to teach an adult cat to a tray!
Lyudmila Evgenievna
Office Manager, Kiev

Feedback on "Counsel for cats 4-8 kg (1 pip x 0.8 ml)"
A lawyer is an excellent preparation for fleas and ticks for cats! My neighbor uses another, so her cat cannot get rid of fleas in any way. And mine doesn’t know that there is such a trouble in the world. The main thing is to drip in the place inaccessible to her on the withers, because what kills fleas to death, then, probably, you can also poison a cat.
call center operator, Lugansk

Feedback on "Gel Jockey 3 in 1 (500 ml)"
With a diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee is quite difficult to live. After all, the pain begins when you get out of bed. It seemed to me that, resembling massages and rubbing in ointments, the disease would soon pass away, but this is not so, it is necessary to be treated constantly. I use gel only in the period of exacerbation. Very pleased with the therapeutic effect of the cooling gel for the treatment of joints in horses
Arkady Ivanovich
merchandiser, 33 years

Feedback on "Prazitsid-suspension plus for dogs (1 10 ml)"
Our dachshund is very difficult to feed everything except your favorite dog food, and even more so some worms pills. Therefore, we usually take a sweet suspension. This remedy for worms helps unnoticeably for the dog to carry out the worms running.
Uman, economist

Feedback on "Profender (for cats from 2.5 to 5.0 kg), 1 pip x 0.7 ml"
Our cat has a very sensitive stomach, so we usually use diet in the cat's diet. Recently, on the Internet, I read a lot of articles about cat diseases from worms and in general about these parasites in cats. And of course, she thought: what if my cat has worms. We have never done prophylaxis for worms. And although I did not notice the visible symptoms of worms for a cat, I still went to the vet pharmacy. I opted for Profandera for cats, because it is in the form of a drop from worms and my cat will not have to swallow pills. Quite expensive, but so convenient and effective that Profender from worms is worth it. Very happy with my choice.
Elena Mikhailovna
Kiev, 37 years old, teacher

Feedback on "Cream-balm for joints (250 ml)"
I have a stretch every winter: I will slip, I will inadvertently push ... And as a result, I have been lame for two weeks. And with a cream for the joints, the pain is not so noticeable and finally passes much faster. Other means, alas, do not help me so quickly ...
translator, 28 years old

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I have two dogs - one mongrel, and the other also some obscure blood. I picked them up both on the street when they were still puppies. Fortunately, I have a private house, although I live in a city, not far from my house is a park. And we simply cannot imagine a day without a walk in the park. But it is no secret to anyone how many ticks are there to protect them, I put Bifar collars on them while there were no problems. Very good collar from ticks for dogs, I recommend.
Arseny Nikolaevich
Kiev, 37 years old

Feedback on "Drontal Junior, suspension 50 ml"
For a long time they chose a safe and reliable drug for worms for their puppy. Stopped your attention on Drontal Junior. They wanted to start driving worms already from 2 weeks of age, but a familiar veterinarian said that if there is no suspicion of worms in a dog, and urgent treatment of worms is not necessary, then you can wait until the puppy gets stronger, and after a couple of months to prevent worms. So did. Suspension from worms you can even say like a puppy.
Ekaterina Nikolaevna
52, Donetsk, head of personnel department

Feedback on "Beaphar BIFAR vitamins for kittens and pregnant cats with mineral additives JUNIOR CAL (200 g)"
Bought your kitten these vitamins. We read that the yeast is very good effect on the fur of cats. Since we have a baby Persian extreme, we want the kitten's hair to be beautiful. We were pleasantly surprised when we learned that there is milk in the vitamins. Now our Timochka will grow handsome.
Kiev, a schoolgirl, I love cats

Feedback on "Warming gel for horses (250 ml)"
I use this gel to treat my neck and shoulder radiculitis. Every day I rub it myself and give it to the therapist during the procedures. No words, good remedy for the treatment of sciatica!
system administrator, Poltava

Feedback on "BARS FORTE for cats (3 pip x 1 ml)"
I insert the Leopard Forte for cats in the spotlight wedge vіd blіh that key. The viscosity is narrow, and the price is dull democratic.
Irina Polischuk
vchitel, 33 roki, m. Zhytomyr

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I remember how as a child, parents washed the dog with a soap soap (a traditional remedy for fleas), it helped, but how much trouble and stink was it! Now, high-quality flea drugs for dogs are far from a wonder. I am using a lawyer for fleas and ticks. The drug by default can not be bad. All the same, the famous German manufacturer - Bayer quality is always guaranteed. Expensive enough, but I'm willing to pay for the quality a little more and not worry about my dog ​​getting sick. I think my Tark is also pleased, we go out into the forest without fear that we will catch a tick.
Igor Stepanovich
manager, 27 years old

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They took Polyverkan for their dog. They failed to carry out de-worming at the time, so they gave the dog a remedy for worms already during the pregnancy of the dog: I still wanted to protect puppies from worms. Moreover, the dog easily ate the cubes, since apparently they were normal in taste. Previously, they periodically gave Dironet for dogs. Both the one and the other drugs did not give side effects, and the prevention of worms was always successful. The pregnancy of the dog was normal. Now we have family replenishment -)
48 years old, Sevastopol

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We use Advantix for the third year, did not find ticks on the dog. These drops from ticks are quite expensive, but if we take into account that I don’t need any additional funds (sprays, collars), it is not so expensive and it turns out as a result. In general, I have no complaints about the drug Advantiks, I am satisfied with these drops from fleas and ticks.
Oleg Vladimirovich
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I have gorgeous hair, but my husband ... Sometimes it is shameful to be visiting or at a restaurant when he is in black ... One dandruff !! Than they didn’t wash, to whom they didn’t apply (((A friend advised this shampoo. Matter of course, the husband refused, even offended. Like, what am I a horse for you ?? Maybe soon you will bring oats instead of dinner ?? But I decided not to retreat (well true, but what if it helps?). In general, I poured the contents into a bottle from under a different shushunya, so that I would not notice anything. In short, after two weeks everything went away. Everyone is happy))
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I liked this shampoo first of all because of the smell :) I have never met this anywhere, it is so pleasant, so relaxing, it raises the mood! Moreover, he helped me with the problem of hair loss, my hair became more beautiful, shiny, or something, almost like a mane! ahaha :)) I'm surprised that horse shampoo does so well and they have the same hair shine effect in humans (and maybe better :)))) Well, why so ??
19 years old student

Feedback on "Mixoren, 1 fl.х10 ml (10 doses) + solvent 1 fl."
Own rabbits Kolya Mixorenom and Pestorinom Mormix. I give the little rabbits miksenore, and through the village Pestorin Mormix. There are no problems for the health of people who may be ill.
Oleg Vasilyovich Sinets
Kolomyia, 58 r. to the cattle Tel. (3433) 47 - ** - **

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs 4-10 kg (1 pip x 0.1 ml)"
I have been using Advantix for a long time, in my opinion, these are the best drops from fleas and ticks. This preparation completely suits me. I trust for 100%, there is no reason to change it for any other reason. If you know something better - advise, I will say only thanks. Effective remedies for fleas and ticks for dogs never hurt me. I know what it is to treat a dog for piroplasmosis. I had one such case. What a poor dog was just not doing: and a bunch of drugs were injected intravenously, and azidine was used. The dog's treatment lasted for days, the money was spent on the sea, but alas, the outcome of the dog was lethal, and what kind of dog was it. Intelligent, kind, affectionate, more intelligent than any person, but alas ... Therefore, I will definitely say, it is better to prevent piroplasmosis in dogs than to treat it later.
Merchandiser, 37 years

Feedback on "Counsel for cats up to 4 kg (1 pip x 0.4 ml)"
Fleas are a terrible contagion, because flea diseases are the most diverse, some even fatal. I use the Lawyer, because they have a specific dosage for the weight of the cat. Drugs for fleas for cats, there are different, but the fact that this drug is 100% working convinced of its repeated use.

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs up to 4 kg (1 pip x 0.4 ml)"
In the veterinary clinic, we advised Advantiks, after Mula brought tick. Preparations for fleas and ticks are not new, so I read a lot of information about different preparations from fleas and ticks for cats, including Advantix reviews. All reviews were positive, I believed and reviews about Advantix, and veterinarian, and bought the drug. And it’s not for nothing that for many years Mulk has not carried ticks on itself =)
Polina Yuryevna
designer, 27 years old

Feedback on "Beaphar BIFAR Vitamins-delicacy for dogs Doggys Mix (180 tab.)"
Son begged a dog. And although we try not to indulge our son, we still had to buy a dog. Now for the son “a dog is a friend of a man”, and my wife and I think how to make the dog healthy. Now we read books about dogs in the Institute, we study the diseases of dogs, and we are already preparing in case we have to treat the dog. In particular, we select vet clinics and vetapteks. Vetapteku or pet store we have already found. Our choice is Yusna Super Bio. Here we purchased vitamins for the dog. They took vitamins for dogs with liver and a complex of vitamins for dogs. Conveniently, vitamins in tablets, add to dog food. First started with Doggys Mix. The dog eats them with pleasure.
Victor Vasilyevich
38 years old, Nikolaev, entrepreneur

Feedback on "Envier for dogs (tabl.x 0.65 g)"
I have two cats and one dog. A remedy for worms for prevention, which I usually use - Envire for cats and Envire for dogs. At first I was doubtful about giving this drug to my animals.I know that there are better preparations for worms, but I don’t collect enough on my flock of animals with any other preparations for worms, it’s very expensive. I doubted, but as it turned out in vain - Envier for cats and Envir for dogs are chicly effective drugs, and if you carefully read the instructions, then their composition is the same as that of well-advertised brands. You see, they will promote Envayra, then the price will also be healthy. I generally have the impression that all the drugs for worms are absolutely the same and come from China (at least the active substances), only the stickers are different, so that money can be selectively shopped from the buyer. I, unfortunately, have no extra money yet. In general, I am pleased with my choice - Envier the Best! I know that worms in dogs and cats bring them many problems, and then the treatment of worms can be difficult. Therefore, the prevention of worms I do periodically - once a quarter. I am very pleased with the envirs.
45 years old, Izmail, head of bank department

Feedback on "Drontal plus for dogs (1 tab.)"
I always give worms from worms to Drontal plus with taste of meat, and I have two of them: a German shepherd and a Pekingese, never, no problems, no problems or side effects. I never thought about the choice of drugs for worms that I was advised in the pet store, I bought it. The main thing is that when a veterinarian checked my dogs for worms, he said that my dogs do not have worms. And how much are drugs from worms for dogs, to me, fortunately, all the same.
28 years old, businessman, Sevastopol

Feedback on "Alezan - cream for joints (500 ml)"
My joint pain, good, never bothered me, even though I grew up in the village. But I haven’t lived there since I was 16, only sometimes I come to visit my parents. I arrived once, but grabbed my father's radiculitis and, in addition, his joint pains worsened, his arthritis had been torturing for a long time. In the village, all these arthritis and myositis is a frequent thing and no wonder at all: I rummaged in the garden, blew through a draft, and either twisted my neck or grabbed radiculitis. I'm not saying that muscle pain in a rural way of life is generally a common occurrence, like arthritis. Of course, if something is very serious, then I’m in favor of running to the hospital, but in such cases you don’t have time to see a doctor in the village, and the light is not close, so everyone in the village tries to get out, they get cured arthritis folk methods, so to speak, but how much they help ?? My friend has a horse and he advised me a cream for horses to treat arthritis, he is very good at these things. The father applied this gel and literally immediately became easier, and after a couple of days the back pain disappeared altogether.

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
I had a lactation crisis with my first child at the age of three months, there was very little milk, the child cried, even had to buy mixes and feed them. Came to the pharmacy. They advised Laktogon to take. It took a couple of days and the milk was enough. Good remedy.
Kopina V.

Feedback on "Drontal Junior, suspension 50 ml"
Conducted prevention of worms in his puppy Drontal junior. First, when the puppy was a month old, then at 5 months. I asked the veterinarian in the veterinary clinic whether it was possible to carry out the prophylaxis of worms afterwards, when the dog becomes older than the same suspension from worms. Indeed, the instructions say that the maximum age of a dog for this veterinary preparation is 6 months. I was told that it is advisable to switch to the Drontal remedy for adult dogs. But many practice to continue the prevention of worms with the help of this suspension, because its dogs are easier to use - puppies with pleasure use it. The shelf life of a drug for worms is normal, so we have enough for another couple of years.
27 years old, Rivne

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
Took Laktogon two weeks, as it should be according to the instructions. The effect of the reception was already on the third day, the milk became noticeably more, the son quickly ate and slept well. Well, happy times came for me - I could finally sleep, calmed down.

Feedback on "Prazitsid-suspension plus for cats (1 7 ml)"
Very convenient remedy for worms. The worms suspension is sweet and you don’t have to figure out how to cram a pill into a cat. I came up with an interesting way of feeding this remedy for worms to my cat. From worms for a cat, I mix her suspension with cat food. She is very fond of rolls with gravy and especially gravy, where I add this remedy for worms to her. Moreover, I divide the portion into three and give it in three sessions. I also like Prazitsid-suspension, because I have enough of it in dosage for 2 prophylactic worms in my cat.
Elizaveta Nikolaevna
48 years old, Nikolaev, ophthalmologist

Feedback on "Pestorin Mormix, 1 ml x 10 ml + solvent 1 ml (10 doses)"
His giant rabbits vaccinated Pestorin. But back in March and February, apart from myxomatosis, I prick Miksoren to be sure that no vermin to my eared one would bring ailments.
48 l. Zaporozhye region

Feedback on "Pratel (tablets), 1 table."
I want to share the experience of what to do if your child brought a kitten from the street and said that he will now live with you or he will have to leave with him. The first thing to do is to forbid the child to kiss the kitten and urgently expel the worms to the kitten and buy some kind of remedy for fleas. The kitten is still street. Worm out the worms in a kitten we are difficult, but successful. We chose the Pratel tablet pill remedy for worms for cats. First, inexpensive, and second, I can already say that it is a very effective drug for worms. As it turned out, my friends also use this drug for many years and are very pleased with it. The kitten is healthy, and now my daughter will not force me to buy a kitten.
Harkov city

Feedback on "Cat Envir (10 tab. X 0.5 g)"
I bought my cat Envire. Tsei sosіb vіd worms yvomu dobre pіdіyshov, nіyakih secondary efektіv not boo. Vetlіkar porajdiv for the profilaktiki worms in the cats, shrozu zmіnyuvati preparati with various words, in order, the worm could not pristosuvatis before them. So yak mіy kіt postіyno gulєє u dvіі і і postіyna nebezpeka glistіv і blіh, then I obov’yazkovo listen to your friend to see you.
m. Berdichev, Zhytomyr region, homemade gift

Feedback on "Hexiderm Spray (35 ml)"
Hooray! Microsporia, we cured our cat. Thanks Hexidermu.
18 years old, student, Donetsk

Feedback on "Agita 400 g"
We treated this café with this flies remedy. The fight against flies was a success. Visitors are satisfied. All summer the flies did not bother us. thank
Oksana Vitalyevna
Mariupol, 38 years old, self-employed

Feedback on "BIFAR collar for cats against fleas and ticks (red) (35 cm)"
I bought my collar Beafar for my cat. Carries it at the 3rd month. Fleas are not visible. I hope he protects him from ticks. The cat periodically walks in the garden and feels great.
Ekaterina Dmitrievna
Slavutych, 37 years old, entrepreneur

Feedback on "Smart spray Schooling dogs to the toilet (200 ml)"
At one time, I also faced this problem, I would even say - a misfortune, it was so unpleasant. Having finished the cottage, we bought a dog. Of course, from mid-spring to early autumn we lived in a country house, and then we had to return to the city and leave the dog one for us is considered blasphemy. But, due to the work and busy schedule, we could not walk her three times a day, and she, when she makes a puddle, walks with her head down and her eyes are so sad ... My husband was advised in the pet store that spray, as the most effective means for schooling dogs to the tray. That same evening, he was used the next day, our little dog ran with shining eyes and proudly raised head, because it went in the right place.
Yulya Danko
businessman, 28 years old

Feedback on "Horse Shampoo Conditioner for Mane and Tail (500 ml)"
I read on the Internet that horse shampoos are great for people too. I decided to try. My hair very quickly grows fat at the roots, just zadolbalsya wash them every day + shine began to disappear! And with this shampoo, I wash them every three days and shine like in advertisements (probably because of the lanolin composition). For me, this is really salvation.
34 g, secretary, Kiev

Feedback on "Horse Shampoo Conditioner for Mane and Tail (500 ml)"
Cool shampoo, hair becomes really better - silky, shine appears so nice. I read that there are all natural ingredients. Lucky horses.
22 years old, student, Irpen

Feedback on "Alezan 2 in 1 gel cooling and heating action (100 ml)"
I go in for sports. Sometimes in the hall, sometimes at home. These are power loads and stretch marks. At times, I have muscle aches. It was smeared with different means: both pharmacy and national, the pain passed, but not as fast as we would like. Once, somewhere, I read that Alezan gel helps in such cases. I tried the gel for horses and was pleased. A cool thing, now as soon as I feel pain in the joints or muscles, I will smear Alezan for the night and everything passes. As for the gel for horses, it is very good.
Maria Antonovna
Donetsk, assistant manager

Feedback on "Stop itch suspension for cats 10 ml"
The drug is perfect for cats that lick the skin in the lower limbs. Two months passed to the veterinarian injected dexafort, helped while they were doing the shots. As soon as they stopped the problem repeated, the cat licked all the hair and itching appeared again .. Therefore, I recommend 100% as a safe drug for cats from itching. In addition, the wool stopped falling, in the house of any wool
didenko Sveta

Feedback on "Slimming coffee Cappuccino Leovit Lose Weight in a week fat burning complex (140 g)"
Very tasty, honestly. I now buy this cappuccino just for the fun of it, although it still helps to keep an eye on the figure)
Svetlana Grigoryevna

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs 10 - 25 kg (1 pip x 2.5 ml)"
Often I walk with my Chow Chow on the lawns near the forest, as a rule, I use Advantix. Applied for several years. While God was merciful - there were no problems. True, just in case, for guarantee, I don’t already remember where I read it, I always try to process it before the walk with Spray Bolfo. So far there have been no problems, although sometimes in the spring I take the tick off the dog.
Igor, Chernigov
25 years old, lawyer

Feedback on "Advantage 80 for cats and cats from 4 kg (1 pip x 0.8 ml)"
Recently I looked at pictures of parasites that can fatally infect cats. So, cat fleas and ticks - the most disgusting of them and, alas, often met ((Advantagege never let me down, sometimes I find dead fleas - the effect of the drug is immediately visible. I am very pleased with this remedy against fleas, and most importantly - Lucy is healthy and nothing bites her!
23 years old, Donetsk

Feedback on "Envier for dogs (tabl.x 0.65 g)"
Recently bought a dog rather expensive breed - German Shepherd. We were assured that the prevention of all diseases of dogs was already carried out and we have nothing to worry about. But just in case, they decided to do all the tests for the dog. In general, the health of the dog was good. But the veterinarian assured us that the prevention of worms and protection against fleas and ticks should be done regularly by the dog. So we have become regular customers of USSuperBio. We take for your pet different pet supplies. Among tablets from worms tried Envayr for dogs. Good domestic drug.
Nikolay Yuryevich
Skadovsk, Kherson region, self-employed

Feedback on "Alezan 2 in 1 gel cooling and heating action (100 ml)"
I have long been using this gel. The first time, three years ago, after a week-long digging of potatoes, I had severe back pain. Both my parents and my wife’s parents live not far from each other, and therefore if you have to help one parents, then the other should definitely be helped. In general, as I grabbed my back, I couldn’t stand up or straighten up, but I can't do it on a flight with a sore back. My mom advised me for back pain and sciatica to try Alesan gel for horses cooling and warming. After a couple of days my back pain was gone. Indeed, Alesan is a good remedy for joint pain: it cools and heats, and, most importantly, it helps, and it does not burn like other warming ointments.
driver, 27 years old, Boryspil

Feedback on "Cooling gel for horses with anti-traumatic action (500 ml)"
After active workouts in the gym, I use gel for horses with anti-traumatic effects. The gel is natural, without any chemicals. I am calm for my muscles and ligaments. I like that the price is lower than that of other pet stores. I will buy goods only from you.
32 Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd region, athlete

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs 4-10 kg (1 pip x 0.1 ml)"
Dog ticks are terrible. And just need to protect dogs from ticks. But of all the drugs for ticks, I personally prefer Leopard.
25 years. Kherson

Feedback on "Dironet for dogs tablets (6 tablets.)"
This year we decided to switch to Dironet. Our Chrome constantly runs on the street in the yard. As we live near the forest, we worry that mosquitoes can infect it with dirofilariasis. And this drug is just what you need. We do the prevention of worms regularly. Therefore, we are calm and Chrome is satisfied. Good drug.
Lidiya Maksimovna
54 g, medic

Feedback on "Shampoo for horses restoring (500 ml)"
I periodically take this shampoo for hair loss. Hair density increased. More hair does not fall out. I think I will not have to glisten with my bald head for a long time.
Odessa, 45, financial analyst

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
I only take a few days Lakogon, from the second day already lactation has increased markedly. Now even about the supply of milk a little freeze.
Korneeva Dasha

Feedback on "Cat Envir (10 tab. X 0.5 g)"
For several years now I have been using Envier for forcing worms from my cat. There have never been any side effects. I used it before and Drontal and Pratel, the picture was all the same - I did not observe any side effects. I read the instructions for the preparations and see that they are almost like twins in composition - they all have the same composition. I think, understandably, I am not paying for efficiency, but I am overpaying for the drug brand. I don’t have any extra money, so I thought, why should I overpay if all the drugs for worms have the same efficacy and prices differ several times. Three years have passed, I see that I was not mistaken in choosing a drug for worms for my cat.
Petrenko Olga Nikolaevna
Kharkiv, 57 years old, retired, formerly teacher of chemistry and biology

Feedback on "Alezan - cream for joints (100 ml)"
I am a secretary, and work at the computer is 80% of my work day. Basically this is typing. Probably, it is not worth explaining how eyes and hands become tired after such a regime. Joint pain is usually exacerbated closer to dinner, but somehow it is necessary to work! I used to put on cream from the pharmacies for the treatment of joints, but they only helped for a couple of hours and the pain continued = (She complained to the employee, she advised Alezan - a cooling warming gel for horses. She was skeptical, but took one package for a sample, it’s not worth it is expensive, and even more so when there is pain in the joints. And the employee often applies it herself when she picks up radiculitis. She took gel for horses and didn’t regret it, really helps very well: it cools, warms and pain passes.
Alina Alexandrovna
Secretary, 25 years old, Kiev

Feedback on "Cooling gel for horses with anti-traumatic action (500 ml)"
For me, gel for horses with anti-traumatic cooling is the best medicine for joints. The fact is that two years ago I had a very strong sprain of the joints, which even got to the hospital. After a sufficiently long rehabilitation period, I began to return to normal life. I was advised to treat the joints with this gel by my acquaintance about the ward. Now, every morning before and after jogging I rub gel and feel even better than before.
Auditor, Kirovograd

Feedback on "Depogestone (1 fl x 5 ml)"
Very good drug. I buy for my cats. Once every 4 months I prick it subcutaneously, and it is not necessary to stuff the animal with pills. If the cat does not have too much sexual activity, then it is enough to inject the first 2 quarters. Pleasantly pleased with the price when compared with other analogues.
Sofel Alla G.

Feedback on "Drontal for cats (1 tab.)"
I have a kitten 9 months. The kitten began to eat badly, but at the same time he had a decent tummy - signs of worms on his face. Friends advised a remedy for worms for cats Drontal. After taking the pill from worms, the kitten began to feel bad. On the advice of those same acquaintances, he was given the floor with tablets of activated carbon and his state of health improved. Obviously, worms began to come out. I believe that Drontal is a good preparation for forcing worms in cats.
Odessa, 34, the seller

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
I also saw Laktogon, even after one package, the milk becomes larger. But we must not forget about the frequent attachment and other methods of proper feeding. And most importantly - calm and good mood)

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
After watching a lot of things on the Internet and on TV, I had a crazy idea - to teach a cat to use the toilet. There was a question how to teach a kitten to the toilet. It is clear that one demonstration has not done.I sprayed the toilet spray directly, and then put the cat in there. And you know, he came! Now everyone is bragging about what a young cat I have and that I don’t need to spend money on trays and fillers, and the smell is surely less!
IT specialist, 28 years old

Feedback on "Drontal for cats (1 tab.)"
I know, scho є baghato хznykh ailments of cats, ale naybligche meni bringing to know by gelmintozom. So yak at two men, then felt duzhe, the stench did not catch the worms. Kupuvala Drontal for a kyshok to that which the vetkar said, that the most effective drug of the worms. Worms in a cat vivela, I’m going to spend the day staging a professional worm, you will not be turbulent about the health of your children.
m. Netishin, Khmelnitsky region. 32 r.

Feedback on "Smart spray Schooling dogs to the toilet (200 ml)"
We were given a puppy spaniel. As it turned out, the puppy was not accustomed to the toilet. I learned that there is a cool tool - Smart spray Schooling dogs to the toilet. Acquired. Now my little one knows exactly where to go to quig. Thanks to the manufacturers that came up with such a good tool!
Katya Dolina
19 years old, Kiev, student

Feedback on "Travmatin-gel 75 ml"
I love homeopathy because I try to buy herbal preparations for myself and my dog. Recently, my Earl, hurt his paw while walking a dog. They did not want to take the dog to the clinic. He is with us the Boyaguz and I then went to a vetptek revision in search of a healing agent. What was offered was often in doubt. I chose Yusna Super Bio, the range is good, the prices are low. Just when I was there, I got to the presentation of Helvet veterinary products. In short, I bought Trauma-gel, the bruise from the dog quickly passed. And sometimes I use gel for myself. Really like.
Timofeeva Anna Fedorovna
Kiev, master of ceremonies

Feedback on "BARS collar for cats (35 cm)"
We live on the first floor. Therefore, the cat walks in the area for days. And in the summer we take her for a month or two to the country with us to "rest." And ticks are not asleep ... Unfortunately, tick cats have a fairly common thing. Fortunately, preparations for fleas and ticks are now available in a wide range - there would be money. We bought Bars and cheap and as it turned out very efficiently. Thanks for the consultation staff Yusna Super Bio!
Masha Sergeevna
seller, 29 years old

Feedback on "Alezan 2in1 gel cooling and warming (500 ml)"
I live in a sports family: husband and son go to judo training. Bruises and stretching of the muscles are very common! They bought Alezan's gel, first a small package to try, but when they saw how quickly all these symptoms disappear, now I’m filling in large packages! Good gel for horses! And why only this gel is officially recommended only for horses? He helps people very well.
Svetlana Ivanovna
housewife, Lugansk

Feedback on "BARS collar for large breed dogs (80 cm)"
I have a Moscow watchdog. He lives in the yard, sometimes he goes hunting with me. For several years I have been using BARS, my friend the hunter advised him. Very good tool. When I come with a dog from the forest, I constantly check if there are ticks on the dog. You know, no, but before that, the problem of ticks stood constantly and the removal of the tick was almost a ritual exercise. And my first dog, the fox terrier, died from piroplasmosis as it didn’t treat it in time from a tick. As for me, so the leopard from fleas and ticks is a smart tool - and not expensive and, most importantly, very effective. I also did not observe any side effects associated with the use of the preparation Bars on my dog. I am very pleased with this tick remedy.
44 years old, Kharkov

Feedback on "Alezan with ASD antiseptic cream-gel (100 ml)"
I have a cheerful and playful family, two little children: a boy and a boy)) You can’t get enough trouble with them, of course) Bicycles, rollers, fences, trees are their territory! Well, my - torn dirty clothes and beaten knees or elbows. And no, that would sit at home until he healed - no, looking for adventure! Therefore, Alezan is at a decent place in my home medicine chest.
Katerina Grigorievna
Zaporozhye, lawyer, 27 years

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs more than 25 kg (1 pip x 4 ml)"
Preparations against fleas and ticks are a thing in demand and quite expensive, therefore, fakes of various pet goods and veterinary preparations are very common. I always buy Advantiks. I like this drug - it has no equal in action against parasites. While Advantix is ​​probably expensive to forge, the manufacturer took care of this. At least, I haven’t met Advantix’s fakes on the pet market yet, or maybe it’s because I’m buying these drops from fleas and ticks in reliable stores that don’t trade and take care of their image, like , Jusna Super Bio. Therefore, my advice to everyone - if you want to buy quality flea and tick products for your dog - buy them only at proven pet stores and vetapteks.
Lawyer, Kiev

Feedback on "Extrazol M"
Over the summer, many different parasites have accumulated in the house. Extrazol helped to destroy all crawling and flying insects in the house. Easy to use. Very pleased.
Vasilkov, 47 years old, businessman

Feedback on "Shampoo for horses restoring (500 ml)"
I do not know why, but my hair fell out terribly, right in shreds !! Whether because of a poor lifestyle, or because of a lack of vitamins. Personally, my work does not allow me to run on dermatologists. Therefore, I struggled on my own: masks, expensive shampoos. All the best of things ((But the employee advised this shampoo. For the fifth time after washing I saw the result and was glad that I would still have thick thick hair !!
Natalya Alekseevna
economist, 32 years

Feedback on "Varot (10 strips)"
I trust my bees Varotomu. Manufacturer - Serbia. Europe after all. This year, a good harvest of honey!
Pavel Gorsky
55 years old, Pervomaisk, Nikolaev region

Feedback on "Gel for horses of double action cooling and warming (500 ml)"
How nice that there is such a gel for horses. And although gel for the joints of horses, I myself, when experiencing pain in the joints, always use a double action gel for horses. I assure you that it is completely safe, since it consists of medicinal herbs and they can calmly treat their joints. I also tried Alezan for the treatment of joints, I also really liked it. Now I feel that in the future diseases of the joints are not terrible for me.
Zenikina Ekaterina Timofeevna
retired, 68 years old

Feedback on "PhytoMins for cat fur"
Excellent vitamins! Cheap, but really effective. I gave them to my cat (Thai girl 5 years old), the result was already 4-5 days, the wool improved significantly (it became very silky and soft and even seemed to climb less), even the eyebrows grew (it always breaks off somewhere) . From the same manufacturer, vitamins for immunity helped the cat to recover (they took it from the nursery - it was very depleted and painful, good feeding and here are such phytomines and after a couple of months the cat did not recognize!)
Bardyk Victoria Sergeyevna

Feedback on "BARS collar for dogs of medium breeds (50 cm)"
I have a long haired dog - a collie. And who faced the problem of parasites, knows how difficult it is to pull a tick. Sometimes we got a few hours. And the little dog itself was bitten so well, it’s good that there were no illnesses ... In general, now we don’t have a collar on the street — not a foot, although we live among concrete. This season my dog ​​was wearing a leopard collar. Before that, they also bought a ticking collar from Bolfo and a tick collar from Bifar — they are also good collars - I never had any problems with ticks. I see that almost all the means for fleas and ticks are good - the main thing is to buy the goods in normal stores, and not for years in the sun.
Alina Sergeevna
doctor, Sumy city

Feedback on "Horse Shampoo Conditioner for Mane and Tail (500 ml)"
I used this shampoo very much. The smell is natural, gorgeous. Shampoo makes hair a little heavier (interesting effect), after it hair doesn’t push, as usual. Now I want to try firming shampoo with tar from the same series.

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
Not wanting to experiment with my baby, I bought it on the advice of my friend Laktogon. She took it for the entire period of breastfeeding and was very pleased with the result - there was no shortage of milk after starting the drug.
Katerina Sverdlova

Feedback on "Agita 400 g"
I worked at the pig complex (now on maternity leave), we used the agitation there to destroy the flies, believe me, probably there is no better means of flies. After two minutes after the pigs were treated, the flies were thrown in just thousands, and this was despite the fact that only the pipes were processed passage between machines with piglets. I'm not exaggerating. don't believe take and check
Volkov Yana
wetfather, 33 years

Feedback on "Prazitsid-suspension plus for kittens (1 5 ml)"
I breed British Blue cats. When I bring kittens for sale, I always de-worminate them. And of course, 2 weeks before their vaccination, too. Prazitsid-suspension is very well suited for the treatment of worms in kittens. And if the worms in kittens are missing, then still the prevention of worms, I think that it is necessary to carry out necessarily. My methods always work, so the kittens are healthy and well-groomed.
Kiev, cat breeder

Feedback on "Alezan - cream for joints (500 ml)"
Thanks for the ointment. At nights I didn’t sleep from the pain. That only I did not use, but the results were quite miserable. And then the massage therapist advised me to try this Alezan-cream. Found, bought, began to apply. I was amazed by the result - on the first night I slept, as if killed, the pains became far-distant, and from the fourth day they disappeared completely. Now I use ONLY this Alazan-cream, I buy a large package right away so that I have enough / plus savings in price /. I RECOMMEND ALL THOSE TO USE THIS CREAM IN JOINTS AND MUSCLES.
Sokolovskaya Lyubov Nikolaevna
housewife, I am 47 years old, widow, I have 8 children, I live in the village

Feedback on "Gel Jockey 3 in 1 (100 g)"
I have arthrosis of the shoulder joint. Previously, it was just pain, and I did not attach any importance to this, but when salt began to build up, I went to the doctor. The doctor told me about the disease. She gave directions for massages, painted the exercises and recommended the gel for the horses with a cooling and warming effect. At first I was surprised, aren't there any effective drugs for people ?? The doctor said that for the treatment and the deposition of salts in the joints, and arthrosis - this gel is the best of them all existing, and then as I decide. I rub the gel every day, there is already a little shift in sediment, but the pain has gone completely.
Vinnitsa, the seller

Feedback on "Smart spray Schooling dogs to the toilet (200 ml)"
Probably, at units of people of a doggie go to a tray at home. But I am one of them. There is not always time to walk with a dog, although she really needs it, so pulling a puppy to a tray was for me task No. 1. At first I noticed all the shoals and angles, but when I accidentally stumbled across the Internet on the Smart Dog Spray (how surprised I was that there were such things), I realized at a subconscious level that the problem was solved. And, indeed, with the advent of spray, the dog left the corners alone and goes to the tray. Therefore, having bought another spray liquidator, I sighed calm.
Anna Alekseevna
journalist, 25 years old

Feedback on "Warming gel for horses (250 ml)"
I used to work as a loader when my health allowed: there was a lot of work, as always, the goods had to be unloaded quickly. Obviously, it didn’t go without consequences: the lumbosacral radiculitis made itself. I tried everything, massages almost every day, but it turns out to be very expensive - I can’t work with medicines. My wife washes her hair with shampoo for horses, praises, so I decided to try a gel for horses to treat my sciatica. And I realized that this is a very effective tool for the treatment of radiculitis, and it helps, and it’s great. If you combine gel for horses with massage, then I can sleep well even during the exacerbation season.

Feedback on "Relaxing gel for horses (500 ml)"
High heels shoes are my passion and excitement of others! But at the end of the working day is ready to go home barefoot, and having come to fall down and lie down. I tried and folk remedies, and baths, and advertised means, but all to no purpose, and I do not want to change shoes, very accustomed to it. I heard that it helps well in such cases gel for horses, although it is also horse, but I also decided to try horse gel ^ _ ^ Sometimes I smear legs before going out, and sometimes at home. I still want to lie, but not because of fatigue, but because of pleasure and complete relaxation, but what a smell ... ^ _ ^
Marianna Sergeevna
office manager, 25 years old

Feedback on "Shampoo conditioner for foals (500 ml)"
My hair is thick and tight in structure. And to wash the shampoo out of the hair is a very complicated and long process for me. I used to use regular shampoos, but after them the hairs at the roots get greasy and I had to wash every day, which didn’t save my situation. And on the forum, this shampoo was so much touted that I did decide, even if I was not a foal =) A week later, I realized that my prejudices prevented me from making my life easier earlier: twice a week, the shampoo washes off very easily, and my hair acquired brilliance, which was not there before. I am delighted! =)
Elena Marchenko
27 years old, tutor of foreign languages, Kharkov

Feedback on ""
Our terrier, not so long ago, after active walking, began to limp on his front paw. At the veterinary clinic, arthritis was diagnosed and Ainil was prescribed. After applying the dog a day later, the dog stopped limping. There were doubts that the dog’s arthritis could be cured so quickly. We went to another veterinarian, he said that the dog had a severe injury (sorry, we didn’t notice it and started it in time), so these are the symptoms. But we passed the course of Ainil (albeit with an adjustment). Joint treatment was successful. Vetpreparat Ainil in this pet store, we did not buy (vaccinated veterinarian). But an acquaintance told us that the veterinarian in which we are treated is a regular customer of this pet shop. I think next time (God forbid, of course) we will take Ainil ourselves, so much more profitable for the price.
Alexander Frolov
Manager, 32, Lugansk

Feedback on "Lawyer for dogs from 4 to 10 kg (1 pip.x 1 ml)"
My dog ​​is terribly sociable: everyone smells, with all the dogs, and with the closest ones, and do not mind playing. All anything, only I noticed that after these "dating" itching does not cease. Fleas in dogs are the headache of the owner ... Therefore, the preparations for fleas in the house are inalienable for me, for me as Citramon (once again the head does not hurt), and after the use of a dog there is not a single parasite, it acts quickly!
housewife, 24 years old

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs 10 - 25 kg (1 pip x 2.5 ml)"
I use for many years. Impressions are only positive.
Stavrienko Victoria Valerievna
, Mariupol

Feedback on "Magic lap (1 piece)"
Worse, the Magic Stripe appeared. When bdzholi were taking honey, they were enchanted by nibi, they were quick to put on a breath, they crumbled, cuddled up by hiding. Medozbіr tsogo roku buv for mene lshim, nіzh zvichayno. Spravdi "charivny" lap.
Lvivska obl., 51 p. bjolyar

Feedback on "BIFAR S.O.S collar for flea cats (35cm)"
Ranishe bought her own posts after a drop of bills. Virsila sprobuvat Oshnynik v_d blikh, recommended to Serii SOS. Spravedy dobryannyi, singly I will buy post_yyno yogo, tim more, scoi ygo zmіnyuvati pribrino lishi 1 time for 5 months.
m. Kremenchug, nurse

Feedback on "Gel Jockey 3 in 1 (500 ml)"
I use Gel Jockey for myself. I sit constantly at the computer and, after changing my workplace, my neck often became numb, there were pains in the back muscles. After rubbing the Horse Gel into my neck and back, I feel a significant relief. At first my colleagues laughed at me, then they themselves began to ask me for this gel. It helps. Recommend. And mum with the help of this gel conducts treatment of radiculitis.
Accountant, 39 years old, Kiev

Feedback on "Verakol tablets 0.1 № 50"
The cat had worms. Traditionally, Drontal gave, but for some reason this time there were problems - the cat survived how it was difficult to dispel worms - it was vomiting several times and refused to eat. The veterinarian said that this was due to the fact that when dying, the worms emit a large amount of toxins, which caused just such a reaction. Appointed to restore the functions of the stomach and intestines to take these pills - Verakol. The cat's condition quickly returned to normal, even improved - it became much more active than usual.
Elena Alexandrovna
Krivoy Rog, 45, accountant

Feedback on "Otospectin (15 ml)"
My dog ​​had otitis. After consulting a veterinarian, she was treated with Otospectrin. Recovery was quick. The rest is a drop from otitis given to her neighbor. So she cured her cat too. Probably drops further went to the neighbors :)
Krivoy Rog, 23, technologist

Feedback on "Bipin-T (1 amp.x 1 ml)"
In the mine rotsі brav ampuli Bіpіna-T for lіkuvannya varoatosis bdzhіl in one kramnitsі. Schos no duzho help. Hot_v go to іnshі preparati for lkuvannya bdzhіl, odnak men_ruzі-bdzolyarі said, scho spravzhnіy Bіpіn-T to pack not so, yak that, scho I bought. For recommending knowledgeable bdzholyariv zvernuvshis in Yusna Super Bio. Vaccinating, friends drui buli right. Reference Bіpіn-T obov’yazkovo maologograma Agrobiopromu (as explained by a hologram for 10 pieces) і packings in plastic boxes for a pack of holograms in a cardboard box with a hologram (5 pieces).I am on the rados buying not Bіpіn-T, ale th friend_ comrade for bjіlnitstva. Zdivuvav such goods yak "Magic lap". Obov’yazkovo I will write about new military.
Bdzholyar, 51 p., Lvivska region.

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
Due to the small weight gain of her son, the pediatrician began to insist on a supplementary formula. Milk was clearly not enough, because the baby was very restless after eating, he did not get enough. Then I decided to try Laktogon. During the first days of the intake, I immediately noticed that the milk tides became more noticeable, the time between feedings increased from 1 hour to 3, the baby began to sleep better. Very pleased, did not cause allergies and coped with its task.
Karina Nosova

Feedback on "Cat Bayun (3 10 ml), rr"
If you got the cat with your screams, then I advise this soothing drug Bayun Cat. I myself have read reviews about this drug and, as it turned out, it helps well in solving this problem and is glad that it is made from medicinal herbs.
Natalya Petrovna
52 years old Kramatorsk

Feedback on "Profender (for cats from 2.5 to 5.0 kg), 1 pip x 0.7 ml"
My cat has recently developed obvious signs of worms: it has become a poor appetite, six cats have become like vitamin deficiency - less often and have somehow faded, the cat began to pay much attention to the anus, etc. In short, then I began to study the types of worms and by what means they are treated for worms. We started the treatment of worms with Profdender. I was afraid to give pills for worms to the cat, because we are trying to feed the cat with natural products. And I think so: if not with food, it is on the skin, and it will get to these parasites. The symptoms of worms are gone. Profender we liked.
Natalya Yurievna

Feedback on "Apivarol (25 tab. X 0.7 g)"
If trochies, having launched their pasiku, having missed their bjols, require bucula sukati yakis dієві preparation for bjіl. Prydbav Apіvarol. Having turned one time, the keys became much less, ale in conjunction with this, just like a fucking situation, I will shave. Even better is the drug of the day. Even worse.
36 r. Lviv region, passport - pochatkіvets

Feedback on "Hexiderm Spray (35 ml)"
After sterilization, my cat started getting moist (wet) dermatitis. I didn’t know the exact reason, but I excluded any allergen from food, left it at the stern to improve skin and coat (due to its composition, vitamins). The doctors advised an aggressive treatment (to dry with alcohol, fucarcin) I refused this option. This is terrible. Dermatitis was very painful. The Hexiderm from dermatitis was found on the Internet and thanks to Hexiderm, in just a couple of hours the skin dried up, sochol swelling. Miracle means. Really advise. Still, just listen to the otpaivala brewed chamomile. All health.
Tatyana Pokrova

Feedback on "Amipol-T (10 strips)"
This summer I bought a couple of packages for the sample and was very pleased. The drug has proven itself very, very well. I did not even expect it. Thank you for making happy with the novelties.
Sergey Nikolaevich
a beekeeper with 30 years of experience

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
We were given a kitten in housewarming. I remember how we rejoiced and were upset that very day when Kitsya went to the kitchen ... (In the new apartment, with a new renovation. We already thought that a little joy would have time to get the whole apartment until we find an effective method, but as it turned out training to the tray is not such a long process, if you use the Smart Spray. On the same day, the cat realized that. It's good that everything was done only with the kitchen =)
cook, 22 years old

Feedback on "Alezan - cream for joints (500 ml)"
My wife and I use Alezan to treat the joints. Sometimes, as you dig in the garden, and start problems with your back and joints. Very good effect of Alezan and no harmful chemicals are there - all ingredients are natural. It cools and warms, but in the end the pain in the joints and back disappears. We have been using for a year and a half. We take a large package because it is profitable. Many thanks to our neighbor Tamara Ivanovna for the recommendation.
Tikhonov family
Kiev, pensioners

Feedback on "Lawyer for dogs up to 4 kg (1 pip x 0.4 ml)"
When buying a puppy, we were advised to use the lawyer prep. Using these drops we do prevention of fleas and worms. Very comfortably. And most importantly, there is no stress in the procedure for the animal.
Asanova Alyona Viktorovna
, Belgorod-Dniester

Feedback on "Cream Meles with badger fat and glucosamine (150 ml)"
I have a terrible allergy to cosmetics. I make all the creams and masks by myself. That's just their shelf life is small and there is no possibility to take them to work. The fact is that due to the sensitivity, my skin dries very much on my hands even with a slight subzero temperature ((I read in the article that preparations for horses are hypoallergenic, because horses are very sensitive animals. Cream Meles is exactly what I was looking for - and does not cause allergies, and the skin is silky, and I can take a job!
Chernigov, sales consultant

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
Laktogon used during the crisis. Excellent tool and helps very quickly. And another big plus is that the price of a lactogon is not high, you can afford it without hitting the budget.
Katerina Sverdlova

Feedback on "Alezan - cream for joints (250 ml)"
This horse gel for the joints was my favorite neighbor in the cottage. I knew that I was already tired of it with my moans about the deposition of salts in the joints, and especially about the fact that it is impossible to get normal drugs for the treatment of the knee joints anywhere. And my arthrosis of the knee joint then completely tortured me. Here is my favorite neighbor and tried to find medicine for the joints. She herself has been using Alazan for a long time and says that "the treatment of arthritis is going well." In general, I do not believe that arthritis can be cured with a gel for horses. But that Alezan, who she presented to me, has become an integral part of the treatment of arthrosis, which has been bothering me for a long time. I feel much better after Alazan. True, after my husband found out how I was treating my osteoarthritis of the knee, neuralgia treatment began to cry on him. And I do not worry, because in the composition of Alezan there are only medicinal herbs.
Anastasia Petrovna

Feedback on "Rimadyl 5% in. (20 ml)"
I apply Rimadyl as an analgesic in the treatment of joints of dogs, as well as to reduce swelling in dogs after surgery. My colleagues also use it in combination with other drugs for anesthesia for dogs, which allows to reduce the dose of anesthesia during the operation of the dog. Rimadyl is used to treat arthritis in dogs. And although the destruction of the tissues of the joints in arthritis is irreversible, but I believe that with the help of Rimadil, you can somewhat slow down the development of the disease. In addition to the protective properties of the joint, the active ingredient of the drug, carprofen, is quite unique in that it stimulates the production of substances that are usually found in the composition of the articular cartilage. In no case can not use the drug for liver diseases, as well as for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, because this application can provoke ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, the consequences of its effect on the sick liver of a dog can be lethal to it. Without these diseases, dogs Rimadyl tolerate well.
Nadezhda Pronskaya
28 years old, veterinarian, Kiev

Feedback on "ASD 2 fraction (100 ml)"
Lichuyu thyroid medication vzhe mayzhe pivroku. Spospergayu, scho є because it is painted - the thyroid is better than the thyroid. I will support you, the ASD2 will change.
33 rocks, pіdpriєmets, m. Drohobych

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
Before buying a kitten in front of us was the question: how to teach a kitten to the tray. They didn’t want to go to extremes: they had heard stories of their friends about teaching a kitten to a tray. Such methods did not suit us. We, on the advice of the pet store sellers, immediately purchased a spray to train the kitten to the tray. Therefore, the apartment is fine and we never lamented that the kitten stumbled))
Marina Leonidovna
Assistant Accountant, Cherkasy

Feedback on "Drontal plus for dogs (1 tab.)"
Worms out dog drove Drontal plus. The drug is normal, the main thing is to comply with the dosage. I consider important advice, which is described in the instructions on the site: "de-worming should be carried out in conjunction with the treatment of the animal against fleas." I know that fleas can carry worms larvae. Therefore, in parallel with the prevention of worms from my dog, I definitely buy her the collar of Bolfo (I like it from fleas and ticks at the same time), and in general I like Bayer products - I have never failed.
Nikolay Bondarenko
Uzhgorod, 52, general practitioner

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
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Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
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What are the main reasons for the failure of the rabbit feeding

If the rabbit has milk, but she does not want to feed the rabbits, then check the following reasons. One of the common problems is the onset of the hunting period. If there is a male living near the rabbit's nest, the hunt may begin earlier than planned. Thus, the maternal instinct is dulled, and the female comes to hunt. Therefore, the males are removed from the cage with the rabbit. If this method does not help, then make a mating. But after 1 month it is necessary to stop giving milk to little rabbits due to the new birth. Of course, this option is much better than the complete cessation of feeding their young milk. The second option may be the fact that the rabbit has nipple problems and has painful symptoms and does not want to let little rabbits to her.

If this is the reason, they are massaged and gradually squeezed out a lot of milk. If the problem is more serious, then the nipples are smeared with vegetable oil and special creams. During this period, small rabbits transplanted to the female, which has milk. So that she fed the rabbits while their mother is being treated. Another reason may be unpleasant odors from other animals, pollution in the room, in which the bunny feels discomfort. If you yourself feel the unpleasant smell of any substance or mold, it is necessary to ventilate and remove the smell from the room. Another reason why the bunny does not feed her bunnies is the formation of mastitis. Namely, inflammation of the mammary glands, or any other disease. In this case, you need to call the veterinarian to analyze the reasons and find another female for the rabbits.

How to wake the rabbit feeding instinct

It so happens that the rabbit does not want to feed his rabbits, and in this case, after a few days, the milk disappears due to the fact that the rabbits do not drink it. Until the milk is gone, you can apply several methods and feed the babies by force. Mother's milk is the best feed for young rabbits, so the natural feeding process needs to be organized. Before you start, you need to wash your hands with odorless soap. The bunny rabbit is taken in hand and held above the rabbits, starting with one rabbit. The female has hind legs fixed so that she does not cause harm. The rabbit must be in the middle between the paws so that it can reach the nipples. The feeding process itself can take up to 15 minutes. This means that in the process of feeding the rabbit moves from one nipple to another. This is considered normal. When the little rabbit has a stomach swelling, this will indicate that the feeding was successful. For such a procedure, from the very beginning the smallest animal will be suitable, after which larger babies can be brought. For the female, this procedure is not very pleasant, she will want to run. This method of feeding should be used no more than 2 times a day, morning and evening, at the same time.

How to put rabbits to another rabbit

If it turns out that the female is not suitable for the babies, then the farmer is looking for a foster rabbit for them to feed. For this fit female who already has rabbits of the same age. The difference between them should not exceed 3 days, because more adult individuals will consume much more and not allow others to feed. When the female leaves the nest at this time a new young is enclosed in it. They are rubbed with sawdust from the toilet of the rabbit and covered with fluff. After 1 hour, before returning the female, waiting for the rabbits to acquire the smell of a new nest. On average, the consumption of milk by rabbits is 185 days, so they should not be removed from the nursing females early, as problems with the immune system and metabolism can occur.

What do rabbits eat without a rabbit

Of course, breastfeeding is always the best option when raising young rabbits. But there are such moments when it is impossible. If the rabbit does not have milk, if she is sick, and there is no other female. In this case, you need to very quickly begin feeding the little rabbits without the rabbit. For this fit a mixture that is used when feeding kittens and puppies. This feed is similar in composition to rabbit milk. But another option of the mix, which is close, is powdered milk used for kittens. They can be found only in large veterinary stores, where a diverse range of products. For people who do not like this option, you can use goat milk. To do this, take a small amount of milk at room temperature, take a pipette and a small saucer. Milk is collected, one rabbit is taken on the palm and a dropper is given by drop-dropping to the rabbit until the belly is full. Care must be taken to keep the rabbit upright and unable to choke on milk.

On one rabbit about 2.5 ml are necessary. The age of 7-14 days is 5-7 ml, 21 days 13 - 15 ml and so on.

Until 21 days, rabbits are fed only milk, after which it is necessary to gradually introduce other feed. But feeding the mixture can not be stopped. Under natural conditions, the female feeds rabbits up to 5 times a day. This number of feedings is divided per day, at about the same time. It should also be remembered that the female teaches rabbits the process of urinating and emptying the intestines. Therefore, if the female is absent, it is necessary during the feeding process to stroke the rabbits several times on the lower abdomen with a little pressure at the very bottom so that the rabbits can learn to go to the toilet. After 14 days, they independently learn how to manage their needs.

Is it possible to feed a rabbit without a rabbit?

It is possible to feed the offspring of rabbits without a female, although the process will require a waste of time and money. The organization of such food requires to purchase some accessories, to comply with the schedules, to be with the kids a lot. The main difficulties fall on the first weeks of life of the little rabbits.As they grow older, the need for constant support disappears, animals become independent.

Kids with a rabbit

Artificial feeding is considered undesirable unless absolutely necessary. Incorrect actions can reduce survival rates. Third-party nutrition, human care will not completely replace maternal milk and care. Meanwhile, there are cases when orphaned babies grew stronger, thanks to the hard work of breeders.

The procedure is required if certain problems occur:

  • death of the female. Sometimes the rabbit dies during or after childbirth. To predict the sad outcome is very difficult
  • atrophied parental instinct. Often happens in the first round in young individuals. A new mother does not want to feed her offspring. In most cases, instinct can be awakened by force, several times holding the female in the process of feeding the babies. However, there are times when no tricks help
  • thirst for hunting. Restless little rabbits can abandon children a day after birth. They begin to run around the living space, violently looking for food. In such outbursts, rabbits often die from being accidentally trampled down by their own mother. Solve the problem is proposed provocation. Mating is carried out with a male incapable of conception. After that, the female can calm down. If the attempt was unsuccessful, artificial feeding cannot be avoided,
  • painful nipples. Also more often observed in young rabbit. Coarse skin does not allow milk to calmly pass through, the process gives the mother a strong inconvenience and she ceases to allow offspring,
  • sharp odors. Rabbits are sensitive to foreign flavors. The most unpleasant for them are shades of alcohol, perfume, household and technical liquids. Sometimes a bad joke is played by the smells of other animals living in the neighborhood. Discomfort leads to the extinction of instincts.

Feeding baby rabbits with another mother

In these situations, if possible, try to sit down the babies to another mother. However, not every rabbit willing to accept someone else's offspring. In addition, a large number of babies will lead to exhaustion of the female. Therefore, experienced farmers prefer to immediately get down to business on their own.

It happens that the rabbit refuses to feed the newborn. Everyone who rabbits should know what to do in such a situation. Why the rabbit does not feed the rabbits and how to cope with the problem, we will tell in the article.

What can replace rabbit milk?

Newborn baby rabbits are recommended to be fed with high-quality substitutes. Only in this way they will be able to get the maximum amount of nutrients. Valid options are:

    goat milk. Natural, fresh, it has an identical rabbit composition. The difference lies only in a slightly lower fat content. It does not need to be mixed with or diluted,

Dried goat milk

Cat Milk Substitute

As for cow's milk, opinions diverge. Some farmers consider it totally unacceptable for rabbits. Other breeders claim that such a replacement is possible when there are no other options. Cow's milk varies significantly with rabbit composition, fat content, ability to digest. In its pure form, it does not meet the needs of small rabbits. Some sources suggest mixing whole cow's milk with condensed milk (preferably without sugar) 4 to 1. But this mix is ​​considered emergency.

Cow's milk can be used when there are no other options.

Feeding rules

Rabbits are born blind, without hair on the body, weighing about 60 g. The first fluff breaks through on day 5, and the eyes open not earlier than 10 days. Without the ability to see and move freely, there are no nutrition skills. Toddlers are completely defenseless, so the loss of a nursing mother is very dangerous for them. A person must perform the functions of a rabbit. It will be necessary to master certain skills, to acquire inventory.

In the first days of life, cubs need a nipple. In her role can make:

  • big pipette
  • syringe without a 20 ml needle,
  • clean vial of eye drops
  • small baby bottle
  • Special kit for feeding animals.

Feeding kit 1

The craftsmen improve the syringe and vial of drops for ease of feeding. The rubber cap from the pipette is put on the tip of the selected container. Pre-in rubber make several punctures. The store kits contain a special syringe and tips of various sizes. As the rabbit grows, devices can be changed by moving from the pipette to the bottle. From the 20th day, most babies begin to eat on their own from a saucer.

Feeding kit 2

Feeding should be built as close as possible to the natural flow. The more accurately the details are copied, the faster the animals will acquire instincts. Until the eyes open, newborns show weak reactions to the artificial nipple. Milk has to be poured into the oral cavity. It is important to squeeze the liquid gradually so that the baby does not choke. The first 2-3 days to begin feeding is better with smearing the milk around the mouth. The little rabbit will lick it up himself. For inactive individuals, the procedure is repeated several times. If the rabbit comes to life, when he feels the taste of food, you can proceed to the infusion of a few drops.

Feeding needs to be built as close as possible to the natural flow.

A blind baby can eat no more than 1 ml of milk at a time. The stomach should not be overfilled. Overfeeding threatens gastric disorders, inflammation of the respiratory system. The little rabbit must be held vertically in his hand, without crushing the body. The liquid is stored in the refrigerator no more than 72 hours, heated before the procedure to 37-38 ° C. The mixture is always cooked fresh.

Keep the baby upright

It is easiest to determine the optimal feeding hours by observing the behavior of the young. Well-fed babies are calm, quiet, sleep a lot. In a hungry state, they become restless, trying to move around in search of their mother and squeak.

Artificial feeding rabbits by age

At each age, baby rabbits need their own feeding schedule. The frequency is adjusted to the speed of digestion. Appetite increases with the younger body. By the end of the first week, the babies are already able to overeat, therefore it is necessary to observe the norms for their health. Up to 30 days the diet consists only of milk.

Up to a month, only milk is included in the diet.

From birth to day 5

Just born rabbit give literally 1 drop of liquid. During the day, the number of drops is increased gradually in 5-6 visits. The animal does not yet have a good swallowing reflex, therefore special care is needed. From the second day it is enough to feed 4-5 times. By the end of the period, the baby must double its generic weight (120-180 g in different breeds). On the fifth day, food is given 4 times.

From 6 to 14 days

From 6 days old rabbits are transferred to three meals a day. This mode lasts up to 2 weeks of life. During this time, the weight of babies reaches 200-260 g. Portions gradually grow along with the animals.

Nipple syringe

From 15 to 30 days

15 and 16 day individuals are transferred to a two-time diet. Watch their behavior, if there is not enough food, add a bit of the mixture in the form of a third feeding. From the 17th day onwards, the portions become impressive, the body prepares for the adult regimen, so the two feedings are not exceeded. By day 30, rabbits weigh about 500 g. Depending on the breed, the weight may be slightly less or more. Weaning from the nipples begin by the end of the third week. Early ripening species are often ready for the introduction of other products already for 20-25 days. Track readiness can be the behavior and condition of the teeth. When the milk teeth are almost completely replaced by indigenous ones, an interest in solid food wakes up, the animal is transferred to a new feed.

The little rabbit drinks milk from a bottle

As they grow, the amount of milk increases. The larger the breed, the greater the single portion.

Features of the birth process

As a rule, childbirth occurs at night or in the morning. The whole process lasts from 10 minutes to one hour. No outside assistance is required.

After giving birth, the female usually eats the afterbirth, licks the babies and proceeds to their feeding.

Did you know?The world's longest rabbit is the representative of the breed Flemish giant (another breed name Flandre) named Darius, living in the UK. The length of his body is 129 cm.

Why does the rabbit throw rabbits

The atypical behavior of the rabbit after giving birth, when instead of feeding, the rabbits scatter them around the cage, and in some cases show aggression towards them, may have various reasons, which we shall examine in more detail.

One of the most common causes of spreading baby rabbits is mastitis - an inflammation of the mammary gland in the female, causing her painful sensations, which leads to the rejection of the feeding of cubs. In the initial stage of mastitis, some diseased nipples of the females turn red and swell, they feel hardened and compacted by touch. The animal at the same time demonstrates a lack of appetite and is thirsty, besides it has an increased body temperature. The behavior of the female changes, she may fall into apathy or become too active.

The causes of mastitis are varied:

  • wound infection
  • stagnation of milk, which may be caused by too few offspring,
  • endocrine disorders in the body,
  • hypothermia

Find out when to let the rabbit on the mating, how to determine the rabbit suckering and how to feed the nursing rabbit after bout.

Poor feeding

Lack of vitamins and minerals can adversely affect the behavior of the female, especially in the postpartum period. Because of the unbalanced diet, the bunny becomes too excitable and overly shy.

Often, it then begins to equip the nest, then actually ruins it, simultaneously throwing out rabbits from it. In addition, the poor quality of the feed adversely affects the amount of milk produced, which may lead to the failure of the female to feed the cubs. Important!If, during the period of the hunt and after, the female suffers from thirst, then she may well simply eat her own cubs, thus replenishing the necessary amount of fluid in her body.

Incorrect content

Problems with scattering baby rabbits can occur due to animal welfare conditions. Here the key factor is the equipment of the queen cell. The following reasons usually lead to inappropriate behavior of the rabbit:

  • mother liquor is not protected by the front opaque wall,
  • there is too little hay in it to set up a nest, because of which the rabbit, trying to deepen the nest, scrubs the floor, at the same time scattering rabbits,
  • the female is placed in a new cage for 2–3 weeks before the roundabout, which cannot be done categorically, since she simply will not have time to equip the nest,
  • all sorts of cracks and cracks in the mother liquor, which are clogged by mud and feces, which increases the risk of the disease of the female, including mastitis,
  • the temperature in the mother liquor is too low
  • the same negative effect gives excessive heat, coupled with stuffiness.

Metabolism problems

As a result of metabolic disorders in rabbits, there are various diseases that sometimes lead to inappropriate behavior. These can be osteodystrophies (mainly bones are affected) or hypovitaminosis (lack or poor absorption of vitamins), obesity. They are common among females during pregnancy and lactation. Animals suffering from similar diseases may refuse to raise offspring.

External irritants can affect the behavior of the rabbits: a running engine, noise of repair work, penetration into the cage of rats, dogs barking, etc. All this makes them nervous and can provoke a little rabbit to scatter. The situation when the owners often touch the cubs or take them in their hands can lead to the same result.

This can discourage the natural smell of the rabbits, and the mother simply does not recognize them. In some cases, the stress state in the female is in no way connected with external stimuli, but is caused by an innate mental disorder in the animal. This situation cannot be rectified, such females are usually simply not allowed to mating.

Female hunt

This state of readiness for mating occurs in the rabbit almost immediately after it has been cleared, but it provokes the presence of a male in close proximity to scattering offspring, for example, behind the wall of the compartment. In this case, the female is overly excited and very often scatters rabbits. In this situation, the breeders advise after an embrace for some time to plant an excited female to the male, after which she will quickly return to normal.

First okrol

Another reason for the failure of the female to feed her cubs is her age. Too young females-first years may not yet have a maternal instinct, which ends sadly for newborn babies. In most cases, the second time there are no such problems.

Did you know?In the wild, rabbits usually live one to two years and most often become victims of predatory animals or hunters. However, in captivity, their life expectancy increases significantly. So, the Australian rabbit caught in the wild, named Flops, became a long-time record holder. With his masters he lived for 18 years and almost 11 months.

Force feeding

In the case of scattering rabbits, you can try to awaken the maternal instinct in the rabbit or force it to feed offspring. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • the rabbit is temporarily placed in another cell,
  • scattered baby rabbits collected in the mother liquor, while using disposable gloves,
  • bunnies gather their down, with its lack they pinch it from the belly of a female
  • gathered rabbit wrapped rabbits from all sides,
  • in 20–30 minutes, when extraneous smells weaken, the bunny is placed in the mother liquor,
  • for feeding the babies, the female is kept on the side, the rabbit is applied to the nipples.

After removing the female from the cage, it is recommended to carefully check the mother liquor for the presence of dead cubs - they may be in the thick of hay. If the samochka has the first okrol, then stimulation of milk in her may require stimulation, you should gently massage her nipples until milky drops appear.

Check out the best meat, decorative and downy breeds of rabbits.

Before applying newborns to the mother, it is necessary to gently, with a damp cloth, massage their tummies in the direction of the excretion organs so that waste products can come out, since at first they are not able to do this on their own. Rabbits are applied to the nipples once a day for about 15 minutes.

Hook to the other bunny

A good option to save baby rabbits is to sit down to another female. In order for a replenishment to occur successfully, it is necessary to consider several factors:

  • the number of baby rabbits should not exceed the number already fed,
  • a young female after the first rounding, as a rule, is capable of feeding no more than 8 cubs, and a more mature one - up to 12 babies,
  • The highest probability of successful replanting exists when the age difference between the set-up and fed baby rabbits does not exceed 3–4 days, although successful replanting is possible even with a difference in the age of up to one and a half months.

The very procedure of sitting down baby rabbits is performed as follows:

  • hands thoroughly wash or wear disposable gloves,
  • temporarily moving the feeding female into another cage,
  • fluff from the mother liquor-receiver, rub them over the mice, place them between the native rabbits and sprinkle them on top with the same fluff - this is done so that the mice receive the smell of a new nest,
  • After about an hour or more, the rabbit is returned to the mother liquor.

It is useful to know which herbs can be fed to rabbits, and which are forbidden to be added to their diet.

After sitting down, it is necessary to watch the foundlings for some time. If they are accepted, they behave calmly, their bellies are full, and the skin is smooth. Otherwise, the rabbits turn, shrink, their tummies fall. When unsuccessful podsazhivaniya you can try to plant rabbits to another female in the same way, or feed them yourself.

Feed yourself

For independent feeding of rabbits it is necessary to equip a nest for them. This may be a box with hay. They feed it with a syringe without a needle, putting on the rubber part of the pipette on the tip of the syringe. You can also purchase a special kit for such feeding.

Goat's milk (the best option) or a veterinary pharmacy substitute mix is ​​suitable for feeding. In extreme cases, some breeders advise cow's milk, a quarter supplemented with condensed milk. Feeding is carried out 4–5 times a day, not forgetting to stroke the tummies of rabbits with a damp cloth, with light massaging movements towards the excretion organs - this will allow them to get rid of waste, since initially they are not able to do it on their own. When feeding, the bunny is held vertically in his hand, trying not to transfer the body.

Important!Перед кормёжкой молоко подогревают до +37…+38 °С. Его можно хранить в холодильнике до трёх суток, смеси готовят заново для каждой кормёжки.

Сначала малышам хватает 1 мл молока за одно кормление, т. е. буквально капли из шприца. Then the amount of milk increases, while the number of daily feedings decreases. From 6 days of age, the rabbits are transferred to three meals a day, from two weeks to two meals. After about three weeks, hay is introduced into the diet, and a little later the rabbits become able to independently milk varnish from a saucer.

Preventive measures

In order for the rabbit to not give up the cubs after being around, it is recommended to take the following preventive measures:

  • during pregnancy, organize a balanced diet for the female with the necessary minerals and vitamins,
  • Do not forget also about a sufficient amount of fresh water in the drinker, this is especially important immediately after caul,
  • the mother liquor must be disinfected, with a sufficient amount of soft hay,
  • the rabbit must be protected from noise, bright light and actions that may cause her a stressful state,
  • for the same purpose, to prevent the appearance of dogs, rats, ferrets near the cage,
  • in winter, the mother liquor should be insulated,
  • you can not take into the hands of newborns baby rabbits, in extreme cases, you must use disposable gloves,
  • it is impossible for a male to be located after a rabbit near the rabbit.

As we see, there are quite a few factors causing the rabbit's refusal to raise offspring. Almost all these factors can be taken into account in advance, take appropriate measures and prevent a situation with scattering offspring. But if this happened, you can try to save the newborn animals, for which there are also several quite effective ways.

Natural feeding and developmental stages

Rabbits are born with an average weight of 70 grams. In their development, they go through several stages:

  • By the age of 10-12 days, the little rabbits open their eyes, their own rare fluff appears, and the weight increases 3 times,
  • by the age of 16-20 days they begin to go out of the nest,
  • By the age of 20 days try to eat yourself.

Thus, from birth to the 20th day of life, rabbits depend entirely on the mother. It not only feeds them, but also heats, licks, providing a necessary massage for digestion. Replacing the rabbit mother is very difficult. Therefore, if for some reason a rabbit cannot leave cubs, the best option is to find another one.

In a well-organized household, okrols are planned so that several females give birth at the same time. This eliminates many problems in “emergency situations”. The practice of sitting down orphaned rabbits of a foster mother gives good results if you follow several rules:

  • wash hands well without soap before replanting,
  • put the rabbit when the rabbit is not in the nest,
  • wipe the foundlings down from the nest of the foster mother.

The allowable age difference between native and foster children is 3-4 days.

Is artificial feeding possible?

If it is not possible to find a "foster family", there is only one way out - artificial feeding of baby rabbits. It is believed that this is a bad alternative to natural feeding: rabbits grow and develop worse, are more susceptible to diseases and poorly survive. But when on the other side of the scale - the death of babies, you don’t have to choose.

Indeed, artificial feeding of rabbits does not give 100% survival. Much depends on their age, initial weight and on whether they managed to get a portion of colostrum after birth. But if you choose the right food and scrupulously follow the feeding pattern, you can count on success.

Power picking

Better than rabbit milk for newborn rabbits can only be rabbit milk. This can be understood by comparing the composition of the milk of different farm animals.

Such a difference in composition causes a logical question: is it possible to give accessible cow or goat milk to the rabbit?

Cow's milk

The table clearly shows that cow's milk is too poor in protein and fat compared with rabbit milk. Feeding cow's milk in its pure form does not make sense - rabbits, lacking the nutrients they need, will still be starving.

Some breeders get out of the situation by mixing cow’s milk with condensed milk in a 2: 1 ratio. A more complex composition is as follows:

  • 100 g store 6% milk,
  • 25 grams of milk powder
  • "Bifidumbakterin" (half dose).

Such a mixture is safer than condensed milk for little rabbits, but it does not guarantee a good result either.

Giving rabbit cow cream is strictly prohibited. Such a diet is fraught with diarrhea and death of babies.

Goat milk

Goat milk is also not ideal, but this product is more suitable for independent feeding of baby rabbits. Practice shows that babies give a good weight gain, even when fed with pure goat milk. But experienced breeders still advised to add "Bifidumbakterin" (half the dose per 100 g) to reduce the risk of developing enteritis.

Utensils and equipment

To replace the mother's nipple pipettes will help for kittens, which are sold in veterinary pharmacies. Small syringes without needles or empty plastic bubbles from eye drops will also be suitable.

All dishes for the preparation of mixtures should be kept sterile. For mixing ingredients useful baby bottle. Maintain a normal food temperature will help the heater for baby food.

Features of the procedure

The feeding process looks like this:

  • the nursing child takes the rabbit into the arm so that the animal is upright,
  • in the first feeding the mixture is not poured into the mouth, but slightly smeared on top, allowing the rabbit to lick it,
  • in subsequent feeding the mixture is fed into the mouth through a pipette a few drops, giving the cub the opportunity to swallow it,
  • when the rabbit gets used to this method of feeding, feed the mixture smoothly, in small portions, making sure that the baby does not choke.

Newborn baby rabbits cannot self empty their intestines and bladder. In nature, these processes are stimulated by the rabbit, licking the baby’s belly before feeding. Therefore, you need to simulate the actions of the mother:

  • slightly moisten with a cotton sponge,
  • Massage the belly of the rabbit from the navel to the hind legs.

If the cub after this procedure is not emptied, it means that he does not have enough nutrition.

It is necessary for the rabbit to massage the belly before each feeding during the first two weeks of their life.

Is it possible to raise rabbits without rabbits?

Newborn baby rabbits need breast milk. Especially important for them is the first portion of colostrum, which contains various antibodies. If the kids did not get it, their immunity would be too vulnerable. Artificial feeding will not replace maternal care, but there is still a chance that the babies will survive. If the farm did not manage to find a bunny-breadwinner for new-born pets, you will have to take care of them yourself.
In what situations it is necessary to consider artificial feeding of offspring:

  • if the rabbit has thrown rabbits,
  • when the female has no milk or mastitis has developed,
  • the little rabbit died after being killed
  • not found a nurse for a rabbit.

The chances of survival with artificial feeding are small, especially when it comes to ornamental rabbits. Meat breeds are more robust immunity, so it makes sense to try to feed the newborns of rabbits without rabbits. Rabbit milk is very fat and nutritious, so it is important to know what can replace it. Properly chosen food - a pledge of health of babies left without maternal care.

Baby food

Some rabbit breeders use infant formula feeds for baby rabbits. They contain vitamins and trace elements necessary for the development and growth of newborn pets, but their nutritional value is very low. In order to increase it, it is necessary to add twice the amount of milk powder to water in dilution, then the mixture will be more concentrated.

Special mixtures for animals

Pet stores sell special milk formulas for animals - kittens or puppies. They are also used for artificial feeding of baby rabbits left without a mother. Veterinarians recommend giving the rabbit exactly the mixture for dogs, they are more suitable in composition and nutritional value. To breed dry milk mixes for puppies need in the proportion indicated on the package.

Artificial feeding rules

Rabbits in the first 10 days after their birth are completely defenseless: they are blind. Being hungry, babies crawl in search of my mother's nipple. In order for them to grow strong and grow up, they need to be fed in the same way as the mother rabbit does. The owner of the animals will have to learn all the necessary skills and follow the rules of feeding. First you need to stock up on the necessary inventory. The following devices can be used as a bottle:

  1. Pipette.
  2. Syringe without needles.
  3. An empty bottle of nasal or eye drops.
  4. Special feeding tank. These are sold in vetaptekah and pet stores.

For convenience, you can pull the rubber cap from the pipette on the tip of the syringe or the bottle from the drops, having made several holes in it. When the rabbits grow up a little, they will already be able to eat from a baby bottle, and at the age of 3-4 weeks they will begin to drink milk from a saucer.

Properly feed the bunny rabbit by holding it upright. It is important not to squeeze the body of the baby. If the newborn has not yet eaten milk from a pipette, perhaps he will not immediately understand how to do this. Experienced breeders recommend in the first few feedings only to lubricate the mouth of the newborn with a mixture so that he licked it. Over time, the baby learns to swallow life-saving liquid.

Proper feeding pet rabbit

Rabbit's stomach in the first days of his life quickly overflows. You can not overfeed newborns: they are able to drink no more than 1 ml of milk at a time. The satiety of pets is determined by their tummies. If they look puffed up, and there are no folds on the skin of the abdomen, then the babies are full. Well-fed rabbit calm and sleep a lot. If they are hungry, they begin to look for a source of food, creeping to the side.

Attention! The first feeding must be done no later than one day after the appearance of the rabbits into the light.

Intestinal stimulation

The farmer is required not only to feed the cubs who are left without maternal care, but also to help them defecate. So does the rabbit: before each feeding, she licks the tummies of her babies. In newborns, the intestinal muscles work very poorly, so they cannot go to the toilet without help.

Massage the abdomen gently with fingertips, stroking the abdomen from top to bottom, towards the tail. Do this before each feeding. This procedure helps to increase the intestinal motility of babies and contributes to the bowel movement and the discharge of gases.

Feeding scheme by age

Artificial feeding of baby rabbits needs to be organized correctly. Newborn baby rabbits before they reach the age of weeks should eat 5 times a day. At the same time the daily rate of milk does not exceed 5 ml. This amount of nutrient fluid is divided by the number of meals. The prepared mixture can not be stored. Rabbits should be fed fresh milk, warming it before it to a temperature of 37-38 degrees.

Attention! In the first two days, the babies are unable to drink one milliliter of milk at a time at a time. A few drops are enough for them to eat. In the future, the appetite of rabbits will increase, they will begin to consume more food.

Starting from the second week, rabbit give 7-10 ml of milk per day. Feeding is done 4 times a day. That is, each baby should receive approximately 2-2.5 ml of the mixture at a time.

Feeding the pet rabbit

From three weeks of age, cubs eat more - up to 15-17 ml of milk per day, while feeding them should be 3 times a day. At this time, the babies can already enter the first feed and teach them to drink from the saucer. Up to one month of age, baby rabbits should eat milk formula, although other foods are already present in their diet.

If after a rabbit rabbit for some reason can not take care of their offspring, you have to feed the little rabbits without a mother. This is not easy, as it requires time and energy from the farmer. To count on the fact that the entire offspring will survive, it is impossible under artificial feeding. The strongest rabbits will survive. It is important to accurately follow the rules of feeding and closely monitor the weekly weight gain of cubs.

How to determine that the uterus has thrown cubs

Immediately after giving birth, it may seem to an inexperienced rabbit breed that the female abandoned her litter. Rabbits usually do not show a special maternal love for their offspring (as, for example, cats). After childbirth, the uterus in the nest does not sit and practically does not fit rabbits. To worry about this is not worth it. Rabbit babies are fed mainly at night only.

But sometimes, of course, it also happens that a mother throws her offspring for some reason. In this case, the kids she is likely to bite. However, firstbirds often simply abandon their babies without feeding them and doing nothing. Determine that the rabbits were left without food, can be primarily on their sunken tummy. Ribs in hungry young sticking out. In this case, the farmer and the question arises about how to feed the newborn rabbits without the rabbit.

Receiving enough milk, the young look plump. Their tummies are usually very plump (even disproportionately to the body).

What you need to know

So, is it possible to feed a rabbit without a rabbit? We'll talk about how to do it right below. To begin with, let's get a little understanding of the theory. This will help to act with artificial feeding consciously, and consequently, to save more babies.

Milk in rabbits contains a lot of nutrients. That is why the female is able to feed a large number of babies at once. In terms of calorie content, the milk of rabbits significantly exceeds the cow. Only goat can compare with it in terms of nutrient content. However, milk and these animals are somewhat less caloric than rabbit. This is the main difficulty of artificial feeding of newborns. Rabbits in any case will receive less calories.

However, to feed the young without a uterus is still possible. The only thing to keep the rabbits at 100% may not work.

What to feed

Sometimes inexperienced farmers ask, for example, at specialized forums on the Web, how to feed rabbits without a rabbit with cow's milk. To use this product because of the low caloric content in this case, unfortunately, it is impossible. Save at least part of the cubs will turn out only when using goat milk. Also sometimes animals feed and infant formula (from 0 months). It is necessary to add herbal and cereal granules from the usual rabbit feed, powdered in a blender or coffee maker. The infant formula is heated to 37 ° C. Herbal “powder” is then poured into it so that the final product has the consistency of a very thin porridge.

Cat milk replacer can also be a good answer to the question of how to feed the rabbits without a rabbit. Sometimes this product can be found in vetaptekah or pet stores.

Feeding frequency

In nature, the rabbit feeds the young, usually in the evening or at night 1-2 times a day. Because of the calorie content of milk during this time, they manage to get all the nutrients they need. Since not a single substitute for rabbit milk can be compared in calories, it will be necessary to feed babies artificially very often. You will need to do this at least 5-6 times a day. At the same time, each rabbit must drink at least 5-6 grams of a substitute at a time. The only exception is baby food with herbs. This mixture is high in calories, and you can give it to children less often - 3-4 times a day.

How to feed

Often, the born female does not die immediately. Sometimes, for example, farmers have a question about how to feed weekly rabbits without a rabbit. In this case, most likely, it will be possible to save more cubs. After all, babies are already strong and got quite a lot of substances from mother's milk that support their immunity. It is much more difficult to feed newborn babies. But in any case, the instinct of self-preservation in rabbits, like in any other animals, is very well developed. Therefore, an artificial substitute for mother's milk is necessary.

Difficulties may mainly arise only during the first few feedings. It will be difficult for the little rabbit to understand that the pipette or syringe is a source of food. It is impossible to force a baby into food in the mouth. The organism of these animals has its own characteristics. When forcing infusion, the cub may simply choke.

If the rabbit does not take a pacifier or a syringe, at first he just needs to be lubricated with milk or a mixture of his mouth. A hungry baby must lick the food offered. After some time, with the insistence of the owners, he will understand what the nipple or syringe is for. Determine that the baby while nursing swallowed food, can be on his full tummy.

П ри кормлении крольчонка следует держать в руках вертикально, к примеру, над столом. Поверхность последнего при этом следует застелить тряпочкой.

Что нужно делать обязательно

Вопрос о том, к ак выкормить крольчат без крольчихи, достаточно сложен. A farmer who has decided to take such a step, among other things, should know about some peculiarities of the organism of these animals. Rabbits do not know how to go to the toilet at first. The mother also takes care of the timely release of their intestines. In the absence of a female, this will have to be done by the owners. Otherwise, babies may rupture their internal organs.

Stimulate the excrement of rabbit before each feeding. To do this, take a damp cloth and several times spend it from top to bottom on the tummy of the baby, slightly pressing on it and imitating licking. You can also massage this spot of the little rabbit in a circular motion clockwise. Perform all these actions should be as long as the baby does not urinate and defecates.

Also, do not allow the milk to dry out on the little face of the bunny. These animals are known to be very susceptible to various kinds of infectious diseases. And peroxide dried milk is a breeding ground for a huge number of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, after each feeding, the little rabbit must be carefully wiped its face with a damp cloth.

Also, some attention to the owners, who decided to feed the pups on their own, will have to be given to the places around the anus of the babies. Here in rabbits feces often dries. It must be wiped. Feces may also cause the baby’s illness and death.

How to feed a little rabbit without rabbit: the basic rules

Of course, the rules of hygiene should be observed in the actual feeding of babies. It is advisable to boil a pipette, pacifier or syringe each time, or at least rinse thoroughly under a stream of very hot water. Baby formula for baby rabbits should be prepared exactly according to the instructions. Keep it for more than a day, even in the refrigerator can not. Goat milk, of course, should not be sour. Keep it in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days. Before giving milk to rabbits, it should be warmed up to t 38-40 0 С.

How long do you have to feed

Baby rabbits, growing up with their mother for the first time, begin to taste ordinary food little by little at the age of about two weeks. However, when artificial feeding babies grow usually still somewhat weakened. Therefore, they will most likely try to try simple food later - about three weeks. By this time in the cage or box to the kids you need to start putting a little dried grass. Rabbits also usually eat barley shredders well.

In this way, if the young are left without a mother at the age of 14 days, they will most likely be preserved. The answer to the question of how to feed a two-week rabbit without a rabbit, is relatively simple. The mixture or goat milk babies in this case will have to give 2-3 times a day. As an additive, you can also use hay and yachka. In any case, artificially feed these rabbits will have no more than 2 weeks.

Each new variety of regular food should be introduced into the diet of growing children should be gradually - increasing the dose for about two weeks. The digestive system in these animals is arranged in a special way. If a rabbit eats too much of a new product for it, diarrhea will definitely happen. In this case, a small animal may even die. For the same reason, it is impossible to give beets to growing-up baby rabbits. This product is a strong laxative.

Instead of conclusion

So, now you know what to do if a bunny died in the farm. "How to feed a rabbit without a rabbit?" - About the answer to this question is quite complicated. The guarantee of the survival of all youngs in this case cannot be given by anyone. However, with the observance of the rule, the chances of retaining most of the litter are still quite large. In any case, it is worthwhile to artificially raise rabbits artificially with the death of a female. Most farmers consider this to be quite reasonable and economically viable. Artificial feeding of young animals is used, for example, even in very large rabbit farms.